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This Teenager Needs Chemotherapy To Survive But Is Afraid Her Father Cannot Afford It

All of a sudden everything turned into darkness for 17-year-old Muskan when she got to know her life is in danger and that it will take four long years to cure her cancer.

"She thinks her illness is a burden to me . She is my sweet daughter I don't want her to think that but so far I failed to arrange any money for her treatment..."-Akmal, the father

We were celebrating Ramzan when we got to know

In the month of May, when everyone was celebrating Ramzan, Muskan’s family was also in a festive mood but it did not last for long.

“She felt weak and suddenly seemed to be dizzy. We took her to the nearest nursing home we knew, where they said not to waste any minute and take her to a better hospital, she needs blood transfusion because she has blood cancer. We never thought something like this will happen.” Gulzar,the mother

Her father hasn't gone for work for 2 months

“My husband sells steel items on the cycle and earns according to the luck that we have on that day. Sometimes it is Rs 500 and sometimes nothing at all. Now it’s been 2 months, he has not gone to sell anything.” - Gulzar
Akmal Pasha can barely manage the household with his income. Muskan needs Chemotherapy to fight cancer which Akmal cannot bear with his low earnings.

I don’t know… what should I do to end her pain.

“We haven’t been home much,we stay in the hospital. We never know when my child would need what, so I wait outside to take care of medicines or any supplies that  the doctors ask. I cannot sleep peacefully at night fearing I might lose her.” - Akmal

“8 lakhs is a very big amount. However hard I try I will not be able to arrange so much but...I am trying.” Akmal
Akmal needs help to save her daughter, Muskan. She is just seventeen and has a very bright future. With your contribution, she can fight cancer and live a normal life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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