Even After Selling Everything She Had, This Mother Is Struggling To Save Her Son’s Life After A Near-Fatal Accident | Milaap
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Even After Selling Everything She Had, This Mother Is Struggling To Save Her Son’s Life After A Near-Fatal Accident

“We have sold everything we had to save his life, and nothing has been enough. Even after 3 months, Murthy is lying there almost lifeless.”
27-year-old Murthy was on his way back home from work at 7 PM when a lorry hit him on the roads of Tirupati. This was on 30th July. Murthy survived the accident, but the injuries were extensive. He is still fighting for his life, and his family is heartbroken over his current state.

They received a call which changed their life

It was a day like any other. Murthy’s parents were waiting for him to come home for dinner. He told his brother-in-law that he will close shop and come home. They run a salon together in Tirupati. When his mother’s phone rang, she thought he was calling to ask if she needed groceries.

“I did not recognize the voice. Immediately I knew. That person did not even have tosay anything. He said there was an accident. We had to meet them at the hospital. I did not hear anything after that.”

He has been in excruciating pain and his family has done everything to save him

Murthy was hit by a lorry. He sustained severe head injuries. When help arrived, he was still conscious. He reached for his phone and asked to dial for his mother. After that, he lost consciousness. They rushed Murthy to a local hospital from where he was shifted to Chennai. For 2.5 months, Murthy underwent intensive treatment including brain surgeries to fix the damage. He did gain consciousness.
“He needed a feeding tube. He was not even talking. For days I stared at my son unable to shake the feeling that he is not going to come back. When he opened his eyes, I could breathe again. He was still not out of danger. The thing is, our bills shot up. It was over Rs. 32 lakhs. We are farmers. We sold our land, home and everything we had. Our relatives, friends, everyone pitched in to help us pay this money. In the end, we had nothing left to continue treatment and had to get him discharged.

Now, Murthy has an infection that has affected the bone flap

Murthy’s condition began deteriorating when he developed an infection (pus discharge) at the surgical wound site. When he lost consciousness again, the family rushed him to Manipal Bangalore. By this time, the infection had spread to the bone and he even had trouble breathing.

The doctor said he needs another surgery. We have no money left to pay for any of his treatment. My son is all we have. After we gave our daughter’s hand in marriage, he has been taking care of us. He is not married. He has not lived for himself yet. He cannot lose his life. We have to save him.”

How you can help

Murthy is at Manipal now. His mother continues to cry every minute by his bedside. The surgery is estimated to cost Rs. 10 Lakhs. This family has no other resource and is now turning towards crowdfunding for help.

Your contribution can help save Murthy’s life.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.
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