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This 1-Year-Old With Stage 4 Liver Cancer Needs An Urgent Liver Transplant

He loved people – family and strangers all the same. But now, after the biopsies and chemotherapies, he doesn’t trust anyone anymore. He’s scared of everyone but us. He’s seen too many needles and tubes, can’t blame him” – Pragnya, mother.

One day, little Viaan started crying and nobody knew why. He cried for a whole hour, and refused to eat. His parents rushed him to the hospital, but they were told there were no issues. However, the problem persisted. Even after 15 days, Viaan still refused to eat. Worried, they took him to the doctor again and were shattered when they suspected cancer.

1.5-Years-Old Viaan was diagnosed with stage 4, liver cancer     

“When we took him to the hospital, the doctor said his liver was weak. His stomach was hurting because the liver was swollen and was pressing his stomach. It is a very painful thing, he said. Now that I think of it, Viaan’s hands were always on the stomach, during those 15 days. He can’t talk yet. He wouldn’t have been able to tell us! I don’t even want to imagine the pain he was in. 10 days after this, he was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer. They said it was too critical. We don’t know how it came to this!” – Pragnya, mother.

"They told us that he has a zero chance of survival"

“Everyone of us was shattered. They said our boy wouldn’t survive! Pragnya is a feeding mother and she is very weak. She keeps crying all day. I have to force her to eat! Both our mothers are fasting day after day, week after week. They spend all their time sitting in the temples, crying. He was a very active child! Obsessed with cleanliness, and animals – he loves animals. Everyone in our neighbourhood adored him. Never did we ever think he’d be fighting something this big!” – Vinod, father.

Now there is a way to save Viaan but they need to act fast

Viaan’s health was getting worse and he became weaker. Left with no time, and no choice, he was immediately put through chemotherapy. Four sessions later, the doctor concluded he would not live. Scared out of their wits, Pragnya and Vinod rushed him to hospitals so many. They hoped for someone to say he’d live, that their only son would survive. Finally, when a doctor said an urgent liver transplant could save him, the parents found hope.

On one side, I’m relieved there’s hope. But on the other, the transplant worries me. He’s never been alone, never left my side. He has to be all by himself, at the time of surgery. I can’t bear to think of it. Such a major surgery for a 1.5-years-old. Unfair. Along with Viaan, we’re all battling cancer, it seems. He’s fighting it unknowingly, and we’re fighting it knowingly, that’s all.” – pragnya, mother.

The transplant costs 20.5 lakhs, and the parents are helpless

Vinod runs a small paper plate business that he just started, with an income of Rs. 5000 a month. Whatever the couple had saved till now, has been used up for Viaan’s chemotherapy. They’re already neck-deep in gold loans and debts and are in desperate need of funds.

Vinod being the donor can't get back to work any time soon

“I haven’t been able to focus on the business for the past 3 months. You know how businesses are. After all the months of hard work earlier, when orders finally came, I was in no position to take them. I was running behind hospitals and doctors. All my efforts were wasted. Now there’s no income. We’re already in debts. I am the donor. I couldn’t let Pragnya do it. She’s a feeding mother and she needs to be healthy for Viaan after his transplant.” – Vinod.

Vinod is already in a lot of debt. With no more income and no help from familiar faces, he is worried he will lose his baby's life because of poverty.

Your generous contribution can help this father save his only child.

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