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They Had Children After 17 Years Of Prayers, Now They Pray For Them To Live

"I had waited 17 years for this moment. And ever since my first ultrasound early this year that said I would have twins, I've been dreaming of holding both my babies in my arms. Now I am, but with the fear that they might die anytime… Even before naming them my celebration has turned into cries for help..." - Moslema, mother

Moslema and Sheikh have been married for 18 years and the only thing they have been waiting for since then was to start their family, have their own kids. However, they had to go through a lot of despair when they couldn't conceive. Finally when their prayers were answered after nearly two decades, they are living with the uncertainty of whether their babies will be able to survive. 

Their only desire was to hear 'Abbu and Ammi' but destiny had other plans

"Whenever I leave for work, I see so many kids playing in my neighbourhood. I used to pray to Allah to send someone for me, who will call me 'Abbu' also. But now I just blame my destiny, even after being blessed with two beautiful babies, we might lose them both." - Sheikh Asif, father

A ray of hope after their baby girl's recovery soon turned bleak 

Both their babies have been critical due to pneumonia, but the baby boy is weaker than their baby girl. Recently when their baby girl was showing recovery, Moslema and Asif had a ray of hope that things might get better soon. They had even taken her home but after 5 days she again had to be hospitalized due to respiratory difficulties.

"Everyday I live with the regret that it is all my fault. What if I had taken better care of myself, then my babies wouldn't have to suffer so much today..." Moslema, mother 

Asif earns his income by cutting ready-made clothes at a shop in Burrabazar in Kolkata. For the past month, he has not been able to go to work, losing even that small income of Rs.6,000 he used to make. After selling everything they owned, he was able to gather about 3.5 lakhs but that got over in the first two weeks of hospitalization itself. Now with a need for Rs.6 lakhs more and no money left, he just keeps begging everyone to make a dua (prayer) for his kids.

The twin babies require NICU care and a surgery to be able to make it. With each passing day, their conditions can get worse if their surgery is not done. All they need is prayers and a little contribution from your side to be able to have their own family for the first time. 
Patient Twin Babies of Moslema Begum is 1 month old, living in Kolkata, West Bengal
Being treated by Dr.kheya Ghosh in Institute of Child Health, Kolkata, West Bengal

Receiving NICU treatment for Pneumonia

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