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2-Month-Old Baby Has Only Few Hours To Get A Heart Surgery But Her Parents Are Helpless

"All we wanted was to have a daughter to complete our family. When little Monika came into our lives we were beyond happy. Even my 2-year-old son was giggling with excitement at becoming a big brother. But after we discovered that our baby has a problem in her heart our whole world crumbled. I don’t know who cast an evil eye on our family! There is no laughter, only the sound of my daughter crying in pain that fills our house now "- Karthika, mother

2-month-old Monika was underweight when she was born. A month ago she started having breathing problem.  She couldn’t sleep for more than a few hours a day and woke up frequently, struggling to catch a breath. Her parents took her to the hospital and there they got to know that the little one's heart is failing.  There is an unnatural opening between two blood vessels leading from the heart. Surgery at the earliest was the only option for the baby to thrive. 

"The doctors refused to do the surgery until she gains more weight. But due to her heart problem, she hardly ever feeds, and was not gaining any weight. She was only getting weaker each day and her breathing problems increased." - Karthika

Monika has very little time on her hand - she needs the surgery now

Monika is admitted in the hospital for the heart surgery at the moment as her condition is getting more and more severe each day. If she doesn't get this surgery within the next couple of hours, she may not live.

Sometimes I earn around Rs.100 a day and other days I go home empty-handed

I sell rudraksha chains (prayer beads) for a living. This business is at peak only during religious festivals and I’m unemployed for at least five months in a year. Selling a chain will get me a profit of only Rs. 20. Some days I go home with an empty pocket, with no chains sold. At the end of the season, I manage to gain only Rs. 15,000. I need to run my family for the next four to five months with that money. I don’t have a house, vehicle or anything to call as a property. How will I save my daughter?- Satish, mather

Satish wants to save his baby daughter’s life but he has no options other than praying to God for mercy. He can’t bear to see his baby in pain.  Even baby Monika’s brother starts weeping whenever he sees her crying in pain. He doesn't like her sister being admitted to the hospital and wants to take her home. Their small family which was once happy and content with their life is now in complete chaos. Without your help, they will lose a little baby that deserves to be alive.

Your kind contribution can save this baby’s life and bring happiness to this small family who is worried about losing their dear one’s life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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