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This Young Boy’s Dreams Of Becoming An Astronomer Will Be Shattered By Cancer Without An Urgent Transplant

“My son, Sameer, is a dreamer. He wants to be an astronomer. He keeps reading science journals, and always works hard towards his dreams. He also loves playing guitar and has just started taking piano lessons. but most of all, he wants to travel. He always told me, ‘Abbu one day I will travel the world. I will go to different countries and play my instruments.’  Now, I don't know if that day will ever come. I live in the fear of losing my son everyday because of cancer.” - Hafis, Sameer’s father.

The boy who makes everyone around him happy is now in agonising pain because of cancer

16-year-old Sameer has always been a responsible child. When Hafis and Sabrina didn’t have the money to pay for their younger children’s daycare, Sameer took care of his siblings while his parents worked. He was so cheerful and could brighten up even the gloomiest of days. Sadly, destiny wasn’t kind to him. Sameer has been diagnosed with cancer for the second time.

"In 2014, after years of struggling with cancer, the doctors told me that our son was finally cancer-free. We were so happy and relieved, and were ready to start life afresh. We even celebrated his homecoming, It was nothing short of a festival for us. Soon, life resumed to normal. He started going to school and chasing his dreams again. Little did we know that his fight wasn't over yet. Four years later, his cancer relapsed, worse than before.”

Sameer is bleeding internally and his cancer is spreading rapidly, he’s running out of time 

Sameer has acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, a severe form of blood cancer in which the body cannot produce blood cells. His condition is so bad that his lymph nodes (small structures that work as filters for harmful substances) bleed. He has very high fevers and he vomits sometimes. He has become so weak and can hardly eat. He is undergoing chemotherapy, but that alone can no longer keep him alive. He needs a bone marrow transplant soon. His mother is a matched donor, but if they can't get his transplant in time, all their efforts so far will be in vain. 

Older picture of Sameer with his mother and sisters

After spending everything on his first treatment, Hafis has no way to afford the life-saving transplant now

It took a while before Hafis could arrange the money for Sameer’s initial treatment. It got delayed by 2 months and Sameer’s cancer had already started spreading. Hafis, a salesman, had spent all his savings on Sameer's first treatment. It took him years to start repaying his debts. Just when he started saving a little, Sameer was diagnosed with cancer again. This time, Hafis can't afford his treatment on his own.

“I have lost count on how much I have spent so far. When my child is dying, I can’t worry about money. But now, I have nothing left to sell, not even a piece of jewellery. Affording Rs 25 lakhs is just impossible for me. This bone marrow transplant is the last chance that my son has to beat cancer, I can’t lose him because of our poverty."

How you can help

16-year-old Sameer has a very bright future ahead of him, but cancer stands in his way. it's making him weaker by the day, and Sameer can see all his hopes and dreams shatter before his eyes. After spending everything they had on his treatment so far, his parents have nothing left to afford the bone marrow transplant that can save him. This is his final chance to beat cancer and he needs your help.

Your support will help this young boy beat cancer for good.

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