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3-year-old Mizanur Is Pooping Blood Because Of Cancer And Needs Your Help To Survive

Mizanur Sheik is 3 years old. He was a happy little toddler who wreaked havoc at home until last month when he began to show terrible symptoms. Afraid for his life, Mizanur's parents rushed him to the hospital, only to find out that their baby boy has cancer. Now, these penniless parents are struggling to fund his treatment.

It happened all of a sudden, his symptoms added up to cancer

Last month, Mizanur fell extremely ill. His stomach began to bloat, there was blood in his stool and he began to have boils all over his head and ears. Things got worse when Sayem saw his son covered in rashes itching uncontrollably. He rushed him to a hospital in Howrah where the doctors were unable to evaluate his condition.
“He was so critical at that time. They sent us to Tata Medical Center. We got to know our son has cancer. The doctor explained to us there was no need to worry. Even though his symptoms looked so scary. Mizanur’s cancer can be cured. Thank God for that. We still have hope.”

The only way to cure him was to opt for chemotherapy at that time

Mizanur was admitted to the hospital on 3rd November. They could not delay chemotherapy. He needs treatment for a whole year. Sayem, a street vendor who sells clothes, makes only Rs. 5000/month. Moslema is a homemaker. They have an older daughter, Shekaina (9), who is currently living with an aunt as they cannot afford to even feed her.

“If we had delayed Mizanur’s treatment, his cancer would have reached a stage where we could not have cured him. Yes, even in a few days it could have taken him hostage. We had no time to waste. We took everything we had and poured it into his hospital admission and first round of treatment. Right now, we are struggling for every rupee. I’m afraid I won’t be able to get my son out of this on my own.”

Help Khaim and Moslema save Mizanur’s life

On his meager salary, Sayem has been able to lead a simple life with his family. However, it is a nightmare for him to mobilize Rs. 6 lakhs for treating his son’s cancer. Sayem’s friends and family are from the same economic background and feel helpless watching Mizanur suffer in pain.

Your support can save this little one’s life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.
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