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6-Month-Old Has Only 4 Days Left For A Transplant But Her Sick Father Can’t Save Her

“Last night we rushed Misam to the hospital because she had high fever and wasn’t moving and couldn’t even breathe normally. Her jaundice is showing no signs of wearing off and her liver is swelling up so much. She’s just 6 months old and she’s not even smiled once. Now only a transplant can save her and she needs that in 4 days. How will we afford that?” – Nilofer, Misam’s mother

 Misam has been diagnosed with Biliary Atresia and with her bile ducts blocked, her liver is on the verge of failure, putting her life at risk before his first birthday. Azhar and Nilofer are can’t save their baby without help.

Misam has only been around hospitals since birth

“Just 3 days after she was born, his eyes and skin started getting yellow. Her abdomen wouldn’t stop swelling. This was so horrific. She was immediately admitted for over 45 days -  I slept on the compound of the hospital for all those days. She underwent so many tests and treatments and she still didn’t stop crying. Since January 28th, we’ve only been roaming around hospitals.” – Azhar

Misam’s immunity is extremely low making her susceptible to harmful infections. Right now, she finds it very difficult to breathe normally too. She needs a liver transplant in the next 4 days, otherwise she won't survive for long. 

Azhar Had A Stroke And Nilofer Is Unwell Too

“On June 8, I suffered from a stroke while we were here in Mumbai and the first few days were so bad. The left side of my face was completely paralyzed and if I’d drink water then, it would just spill from the left side of my mouth. My left eye still doesn’t shut while I’m sleeping. It’s just so stressful living like this and we’re at risk of losing our only child. Nilofer has been unwell since delivering the baby too. She can’t walk properly or climb stairs at all. Her stomach hurts and we’re constantly worrying about Misam. We’re tensed from all directions.” – Azhar

Azhar Doesn’t Even Have Money For Tests

For the past 4 months, Azhar hasn’t been able to work as Nilofer is recovering herself and Misam’s health keeps deteriorating. He used to earn just around Rs. 9000/month.

Nilofer is the donor but we still have to do tests and a CT scan of Misam – which costs around Rs. 35,000 and I don’t even have that. I have no idea how I’ll be able to save Misam, the liver transplant costs around Rs. 15 lakhs! 

Apart from Misam’s treatment, Azhar himself is under treatment for his condition. I have to go to neurosurgeons and a physiotherapist every day and that costs me Rs. 500. He has sold his bike and he has nothing else left to sell. His emplpyer, colleagues, friends and relatives have helped him pay around Rs. 2 lakhs already. But that's not enough. They need your help to save their baby. Any contribution would mean the world to these desperate parents.

Apart from being far away from their village in Madhya Pradesh, Azhar and Nilofer are perpetually tearing up at the thought of losing their 6-month-old daughter. Misam’s jaundice is showing no signs of rescinding and she's getting weaker with every passing day. Her liver is on the verge of failing, leaving her only a few days to get an urgent lifesaving transplant. They can’t save their daughter without your help.

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