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Boy With Cancer Can't Have A Sip Of Water Without Feeling Like His Entire Body Is On Fire

“He can’t even drink a sip of water, he says it’s burning inside his mouth, he feels like his entire body is on fire. He can’t even sit up on the bed, he is so weak. In just 2 weeks, things became so serious. Now I don’t know if Rayhan will ever be the same. The happy, cheerful boy that I knew to be my son has gone - in his place, I see this tired 12-year-old who weeps all day because of the severe pain in his body,” - Liyakat Alli, father.

Rayhan is fighting blood cancer. His father has somehow managed to start his chemotherapy but he is in no condition to continue his son’s treatment. He needs help to save his only child.

He fainted while on the way to the hospital - we got so scared

2 weeks ago, Rayhan was down with high fever. No one thought it could be more than a viral till he started showing other signs.
“His stomach swelled up, he complained of a stinging pain in his abdomen. His eyes had swollen up too. We didn’t want to waste anymore time. We decided to come to Bhubaneshwar to get him the best treatment. But just before we reached the hospital, he fainted. He was in a lot of pain the entire journey but when he fainted, we thought he won’t come back alive - I broke down completely,” - Razia Begum, mother.

It’s been less than a week that the 11-year-old has been admitted to the hospital. The chemo is making him weak - he can’t even get up to use the washroom. Rayhan hates being tied to the bed. He hates that they have shaved his head. The little boy just wants to go back home. His helpless parents haven’t gathered the courage to tell him the truth about his condition. 

A tailor in a small town of Odisha, Liyakat has no means to save his son

Liyakat gets Rs 90 for every shirt he stitches and Rs 130 for every trouser. The poor father has no savings of his own that he can use to save his son. He has borrowed from his relatives and spent over a lakh.

“That’s as much as my relatives can help.They are all poor like me. What more can they do? But I have to save my son - he is all I have. I need 11 lakhs for his treatment. Please help me.” 

Liyakat and Razia are desperate to save their only child. He is just 11 and has an entire life ahead of him. A small contribution from your side can save his life 

Supporting Document 

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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