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Her 16-year-old son quit studies and started working as domestic help to get Merina a heart surgery

37-year-old Merina Bibi, despite her health issues, she has always been the pillar that held her family together. She has been diagnosed with a severe heart disease called Mitral Valve Stenosis. This condition affects blood flow to her body, and if not treated soon could be lead to terrible complications.

Merina's heart is now working at 40% of its capacity and she needs a valve replacement at the earliest

Merina's husband Abdul Kasim is physically challenged. He has a limp in his right leg and cannot walk fast, he cannot carry heavy weight. So the responsibility of taking care of her three sons falls mostly to Merina. Though she had breathing trouble and chest pain for years, she never had the time or money to get herself checked. 

Merina was determined to support the family despite her health issues. She was working all the time without any rest. Now she has been hospitalised after the diagnosis of her heart condition. Her heart is working at only 40% of its capacity and Merina's condition is critical.

Merina is now critical leaving her three children and husband (seated right) in despair

Merina’s eldest son Hosain is 16, and he has started working as a domestic help to make the ends meet. Her second son who is 10 also helps out after his school. The youngest, who is only 8 is the only one who goes to school regularly. Merina’s condition has deteriorated so much that she cannot walk without pain any more.

“I feel like my worst nightmare has come true. More than my own pain, I can’t bear to see my children like this. I should be taking care of them and give them healthy food but they work so hard for me. I can see the fear in their eyes. I can’t imagine leaving them all alone in this world,” says Merina.

They have exhausted all their savings 

Over the last few years, the family has spent a lot for Merina's treatment. They have borrowed heavily and any thing extra they make is used to pay debts. The treatment has gone beyond family’s financial capability. They have absolutely no income now except the Rs 2,000 Hosain gets for working long hours as domestic help.

“I cannot tell you how it feels when the barrier between my wife’s life and death is money. Our life has turned upside down since the diagnosis. I feel so unfortunate that I’m unable to help my own family,” says Abdul Kasim.

Merina has exhausted all her savings and has heavy loans to pay off

Villagers are extending their support to save her life

In all this suffering, the only thing that gives them hope and consolation is support from people of their village Satui Chaurigachha, West Bengal. On seeing their helplessness, the villagers raised some money for their medical expenses. They managed to raise Rs 1.7 lakhs so far. Merina is overwhelmed by their love and support. But it is not enough to save her. 

How can you help

The family is still short of money. There is still a good chance that Merina will make a full recovery provided a valve replacement is done at the earliest. Surgery requires around Rs 6 lakhs which is beyond the family's means. Only your contributions can save her life.

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