In Just A Week's Time, 9-year-old's Liver Completely Failed And He Cannot Survive Without A Liver Transplant | Milaap
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In Just A Week's Time, 9-year-old's Liver Completely Failed And He Cannot Survive Without A Liver Transplant

"When he got jaundice last month, our relatives suggested Ayurveda medicines, it had worked well for them. He was under treatment and we thought he would recover soon but we didn't know that he is suffering for a long time from liver problem. Last week, suddenly, his stomach started bloating to the size of a ball. He couldn't even walk on his own. Doctors said his liver is damaged fully and only a transplant can save his life." - Rajamani, Mother.

"He had never got a fever, not even a cold all these years, I can't believe that he is now fighting for his life"

Arun is in 3rd grade, he is an active and studious boy. He is the class topper and his best friend is his elder sister Sandhya. Last month, Arun's eyes and skin turned yellow and his parents knew that he got jaundice. They took him to Ayurveda clinic, he was taking medication and they thought he would recover soon. One day, his stomach started bloating and he began to vomit everything, even water. The swelling in his stomach kept increasing and his parents were terrified. They took him to another hospital and found that a rare disorder has damaged his liver fully. 

"As soon as we took him to the hospital, doctors said that the fluid in his stomach has to be removed. He was screaming in pain. Doctors explained that he has a rare disease that accumulates excess level of copper in his liver and in turn it has affected his liver fully. We did not understand what exactly it is , but we realized that his life is in danger. Ayurveda treatment takes time to work. In this case, Arun did not have the time." - Rajamani.

Without a liver transplant, he would succumb to the disease in a matter of weeks

Arun's condition has deteriorated in a week's time. Jaundice has not subsided yet. Even after draining 2-3 liters of fluid in his stomach every other day, it is still getting accumulated. He is now fed through tubes and losing weight drastically. Besides this he also got diarrhea and it is making him extremely weak. Doctors said his condition would turn fatal without a transplant and he needs at the earliest.

"He is begging us to take him to home. He screams in pain whenever they remove the fluid, my husband walks out of the room not able to bear his screams. There is nothing that I can do to comfort his pain." - Rajamani.

This father cannot afford to save him on a mechanic's income

Velusamy is a 2-wheeler mechanic and earns Rs 5000 per month. His income was sufficient only for basic needs. He hardly had any savings. It has been a week since he went for his work and now he is depending on others even for the next meal. This liver transplant costs 20 lakh and there is no way that he can arrange such a huge amount.

"When our relatives call and  tell us that they would come to visit him we ask them to give us the money that they spend for travel. I'm saving every rupee but it is not even enough for his medicines. My wife is donating her liver, she would even give her life to save our son, but all we need now is money. Please help us." - Velusamy.
9-year-old Arun's life has changed completely in a week's time. His liver is fully damaged and he cannot survive without a transplant. He is in constant pain and begs his parents to help him. His parents do not have any means to afford a transplant.Only your help can save his life.

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