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His Father Came To The Hospital Drunk, While His Mother Struggles To Save His Life Alone

“Since the beginning my husband had an alcohol problem. I gave birth to three children and with time his problem got worse and one day he threw us out to struggle on the roads. I lost my father,my brother and then my husband did this… My children are the only reason I am alive.”- Asma,the mother

Asma despite everything, did not lose hope and started working as a domestic help. She made sure all her children got an education. They were all getting by but all of a sudden her son Ajay was diagnosed with a deadly disease. He is now struggling for his life in ICU.

It was just a fever when I brought him to the hospital...

“Everything happened in front of my eyes and I couldn’t do anything. He felt tired and laid down on the bed and then...he did not wake up.”- Asma

Ajay is suffering from Acute Encephalitis,which is a very rare condition in which the brain swells due to infection. The condition is very severe and can cost Ajay his life if not treated in time.

Did you tell your husband, do your daughters know?

He came drunk to the hospital when I told him,the hospital did not let him in. He did not come again and neither do I expect him to. I...I have to save my son on my own”- Asma cries 

Asma did not tell her daughters about what their brother is going through. All her children are very affectionate and take care of each other. They are told he has body aches and needs to rest for a few days in the hospital.

“I fear what might happen and if something does, what will I tell my daughters. They will never forgive me.”

Asma's income is not enough to save her son. Ajay is very critical and needs urgent treatment which will cost around 5 lakhs.

“My son has a very big heart. Though we are poor, he would offer help to the people on the road and convince me to help them and now...now I am losing hope,how will I arrange so much money. My son is a very nice person, he should not suffer so much.”

This family has struggled a lot to have a normal life but now everything seems to come to an end for this mother who is watching her son slowly die. With your help Ajay can be cured and he can go back to his family who is waiting for him.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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