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This Daily Wager’s Family can’t Afford the Heart Surgery for their 2-year-old. Help save the child!

2-year-old Manogna was a long-awaited angel for Lakshmi and Sathish. She did not run into any problems until she was 1-year-old. She is now suffering from congenital heart disease and she needs to undergo a surgery immediately without any further delay.
Manogna has to undergo heart surgery at the earliest, any delay would cost her life.

She has to gain weight to undergo a surgery 

When Manogna was 1-year-old she suddenly began to have breathing trouble. She was rushed to the hospital immediately. She was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease meaning a defect in the heart structure. In her case, she has a hole in the heart.It can be life-threatening if not treated immediately.

Manogna’s parents were totally devastated to know about the seriousness of her condition. Doctors said that surgery is the only curative solution available but she has to gain weight to undergo a surgery. They have very little time to do this as any further delay would only make it even more complicated and worse.
Her condition has deteriorated to the worse now

“It is almost equal to death to live in uncertainty, we are spending sleepless nights. I can't bear to see her losing her life”

Now she has gained weight but parents can't afford the treatment

Manogna’s parents took all efforts possible to make her gain weight so that she can undergo a surgery. Their efforts did not go in vain, she has now gained weight. Unfortunately, her parents cannot afford the treatment now. Though she has gained weight, her condition has now deteriorated to the worse. Her father has stopped working now to be with her. Her mother does not leave her alone for a moment.

Manogna’s father works as a daily wager and earns on an average Rs7000 per month. He is the only breadwinner of the family, Now that he has stopped working there is absolutely no source of income. Left with no other options, they are struggling to raise money for her surgery.

“Sometimes she collapses on the floor when walking. She goes off breathless and her skin turns completely blue. It is such a heartbreaking experience for any parent to witness”

Manogna's treatment is delayed because of lack of money

How can you help

Manogna’s surgery is delayed because of lack of money but this delay might cost her life. Her parents have exhausted all the savings and they have asked everyone they knew. They are in a very helpless situation and this has drained them completely both physically and emotionally. They need Rs 3 lakhs for the surgery.They are willing to do anything to save their little one’s life. Only your contributions can save her life.

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