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All Lekhana Wants Is To Make Her Parents Proud, But Brain Tumour Can Kill Her Without Help

Just two days ago, Lekhana told her father not to give her the phone when her friends call. She said she didn’t want to know when her college starts. Lekhana’s father, Kumar was surprised - he knew she always liked going to college, loved her friends.
“I wondered what had happened suddenly - why she was behaving like this. But then I remembered - maybe she had read her report that the hospital had sent. Maybe, she knows that she has a tumour. My heart sank. I didn’t tell her anything but the sadness on her face was proof enough,” - Kumar, father.

But why me, Appa - Lekhana asks

Kumar doesn’t have an answer to his only child’s question - ‘why me, Appa?’ The 17-year-old has a brain tumor and has undergone surgery only 10 days ago. What started as a headache, took a nasty turn in just 2 months. She needs continued radiotherapy for the next 7 weeks. That is the only way she can recover completely.


“She used to be a lively child, always happy and hardworking. She wants to become a chartered accountant. She dreams of being successful. Now it seems the disease has sucked the life out of her. She just lies down and stares at the blank walls, she doesn’t even talk to us anymore.I don’t know how long I have to watch her like this.”

I can’t afford a room near the hospital or transport, I feel so helpless

Kumar works as a helper in a bank in Tumkur. He has been saving for Lekhana’s education for some time now. But all that is over now. He has used it all up for Lekhana’s treatment. He has also borrowed from his friends and relatives and has spent over 4 lakhs.
“Never have I felt so unfortunate for not having a high-paying job. I can’t afford to rent a room near the hospital. So every day at 6 in the morning,  I put my wife, Putthaiamma, and Lekhana on a bus to Bangalore. She goes for her radiations. The journey tires her so much but what can I do? I keep praying that somehow I can continue her treatment.” 

But Kumar needs 3.5 lakhs more. He has no one to go to for help. The only way he can get his daughter treated is with your generous contribution.

Kumar is running from pillar to post to continue his daughter's treatment and save her life. You can extend a helping hand to the family and bring back their lost happiness 

Supporting Document 

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team 

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