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This Scrap Seller Has Lost Two Children Already And Is Struggling To Save His Third Child From Death

"We have lost 2 children already. Now I'm afraid I am going to lose my third. Every day he survives, we are relieved. At the same time, there is this gripping fear that maybe, today is the last day I will see my boy smile."

Leela Amaranadha's birth was cathartic to his parents who have lost two children before. They thought it was finally a chance to have a family again and right when they thought they could feel happy, their 10-month-old was diagnosed with a liver disease. Right now, he is fighting for his life and needs an urgent liver transplant to survive.

He healed our family but we didn't see that he has been dying

Krishna, the baby boy's father collects and sells paper waste for a living in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh. He consulted several doctors for their eldest son - a 3-year-old who died in 2013 and a second baby boy who passed just 5 days after birth in 2013. Every doctor explained that the boys had the same condition, possibly congenital because the parents had married within the family. Krishna blames himself now for the deaths.

"He smiles at people and he laughs. His weight is the only thing that shows he is sick. Despite his swollen stomach, the pain his disease must be giving him, Amaranadha is a happy child."
Amaranadha has biliary atresia. This is a common condition among infants where babies are born with obstructed bile ducts. In their infancy, Kasai procedure can correct the problem. As the child gets older, a liver transplant is the only curative treatment.

Just 10-months-old, Amarnath already recognizes people and smiles happily at his family

“I guess our marriage was a capital sentence for our children. We didn't even get to name our second child. We though Amaranadha will be healthy but the same thing is happening again. The doctors give us hope. They say we can save him. We want to do everything we can. I cannot lose a child again,” Adilakshmi says.

Adilakshmi with Amaranadha and Krishna

Come what may – Krishna is determined to save their third child

Krishna and Adilakshmi feel that perhaps their children succumbed to their illness because they went to a government hospital for treatment. For Amaranadha's treatment, Krishna took all the cash he had and went to a private hospital in Hyderabad.

Krishna has applied to several government schemes for Amaranadha's treatment. He received 12.5 lakhs through Chief Minister's Relief Fund and need Rs 6 lakhs more. The time for treatment is running out and Krishna and Adilakshmi live in fear of losing their third child too. To give Amaranadha a fighting chance – they need to arrange for Rs 18 lakhs for his liver transplant. 

Everyday he goes out to work on his bike, Krishna earns Rs 150. He has no assets and all his family-members are daily-wage workers. He has used what little savings he had on medical bills – spending over 2 lakhs in the last 7 years. There is no one he can turn to in his time of need to save his son. 

Let his poverty not be the reason Adilakshmi loses her third baby too. Contribute to Amaranadha's treatment now. 

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.