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Before This 23-Year-Old Could Join The Air Force, Blood Cancer Took Over His Life

“I was just a poor farmer who couldn’t even afford my children's education. But people were kind enough to help my son educated. Laxmisaran was always a hardworking boy. His entire world revolved around sports and his studies. He even cleared the Air force exams and was looking forward to medical tests and start his training. But cancer took over his life and it’s threatening to end it. I can only save my son with a bone marrow transplant but with my little income I can’t afford it.” - Satyanarayana, father

He was one step closer to his dream when cancer got in his way

Satyanarayana could not afford Laxmisaran’s school education because of his poverty. Yet Laxmisaran became a school topper in his 10th and 12th board exams with the help of DRDO officials who helped fund his education. He even got a scholarship to JNTU, Andhra Pradesh and scored 80% in his engineering studies. After finishing graduating in 2017, he started preparing for competitive exams and with his hard work cleared air force exams. Just as he was about to start his training, he fell sick.

“I knew something wasn’t right when his fevers kept on recurring. And at times, he would even have breathing difficulty. We were told he has blood cancer when we took him to the doctor. The doctors told he won’t survive but we wanted to save him. We took him to different doctors until a doctor in Vishakapatnam gave us assurance that he can be saved.” - Jyothi, mother

Help has been pouring from his friends, teachers, yet that isn’t enough

Satyanarayana after years of hard work as a farmer and a lorry driver could get a job as a driver in APSRTC a few years back near his village Kothapenta, Andhra Pradesh. He took huge loans for his daughter Jagdamba’s (21) marriage and is still clearing them. He earns Rs 22000 per month of which 60% is spent on clearing his loans. With whatever little income he’s left, it was impossible for him to afford even consultation fees let alone pay for chemotherapy and a transplant.

“My son was fortunate enough to get help from his college teachers and his friends. In such difficult times, his friends were always by his side. They even set up a fundraiser and could raise Rs 1 lakh through it. It was their kindness and support that helped my son undergo chemotherapy. Now we need Rs 26 lakhs for his chemotherapy. I have nowhere to go but to ask for your help.” - Satyanarayana, father

Laxmisaran had only known pain for the past 8 months. The harsh chemo cycles made him so weak that his stomach would be painfully swollen and he would get shivers because of high fever. Yet he endured all of it. He never shed tears. The kind support that he got from his friends and teachers gave him the strength to make it thus far.  

With your help his parents can afford the transplant that can help Laxmisaran get to the Air Force.

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