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This Ambitious Teenager Dreams Of Making It Big But Deadly Cancer Stands In His Way

Latha and Raju have both dropped out of school because their family couldn't afford it. But they know how much difference it can make in a person's life. Therefore, they always wanted their children to complete their studies. Both their kids have left no stone unturned to make their parents proud. They are studious and well-mannered. They understand their parents' struggle, never wanting to be a burden on them. 

So when, Praveen found out he has cancer, he felt guilty. 'They already have so much to worry about and now this. I should have been more careful' - the boy blamed himself. 

Praveen was confident he would ace his exams, but then he found out he has cancer

“Cancer, my son has cancer - it took me months to believe that. He had no problems, no symptoms. Everything happened so suddenly.”- Latha, mother

He was confident that he would top the class but just a month before his 10th grade exams, Praveen found out he has cancer. The entire family was shocked and scared. Praveen tries to remain strong. He has faith that he will be fine and he would soon resume to his normal life. But he is getting weaker each day. He has now started questioning his belief.

Higher education is a question mark for this topper

His treatment will take more than 2 years and the doctors say it is very risky for him to go to school as he will be taking chemo continuously for 2 years which will make him dizzy and weak. He will also run the risk of getting fatal infections/

“Praveen really misses school. I had asked the doctor if he could go to a school near the hospital, but he said it is not good for his health."- Latha.

He is too weak to even lift a ball, his hands keep shivering

Praveen use to play shuttle with his sister Nikhila every day and was a very active child. Even now his smile is so full of life but his body is very weak but unable to lift even a small ball.

Everything I had, I have spent on his treatment so far,I have nothing

Apalla raju works as a driver and his salary is not even sufficient for his son's medicines. Every week Rs 5000 to Rs 6000 is needed for the treatment. He puts in longs hours to earn a little extra to save his son. As a result , he can't be with Praveen at the hospital.

He spent around 3 lakhs till now by borrowing from friends and using his savings. He now has nothing left to continue his son's treatment which would cost him 15 lakhs.

“I am watching my child die in front of my eyes and I feel like dying for not being able to do anything for him”- Apalla raju

It is a long battle and he is unable to fight due to poor financial conditions. He needs help to save his son from cancer and you can help.

Supporting DocumentThe specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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