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11-Year-Old’s Parents Long To Hear Him Walk And Talk Again, Only Brain Surgery Can Save Him

“He is in such a critical state now that we aren’t allowed to see him any time we want. He gets agitated when he sees us and that isn’t good for him, given his condition. The doctors have warned us that he could go into shock, and so, they only allow us to be by his side when he is asleep. Seeing him wrapped in all these tubes and wires - I pray that no mother will ever have to see their child like this.”
- Uma, mother 

There is excess fluid buildup in his brain that is hindering his brain function

11-year-old Krishna hasn’t seen the outside world in almost a month. He is bound to a hospital bed, unable to breathe without mechanical assistance and hanging onto his life by a thread. He suffers from a brain condition called Congenital Communicating Hydrocephalus, where abnormal buildup of fluid in his brain is preventing it from functioning properly.

A little over 3 weeks ago, Just like any other day, Krishna had attended his online classes and zoomed out the door to play with his friends. But when he returned home later, something about him had been eerily different and it caused his parents to worry.

“He’d been fine that morning, but only some hours later, he started behaving oddly. He was slurring on his words, and couldn’t walk. When I tried to talk to him or ask him if he got hurt while playing, he gave me a garbled reply that I couldn’t understand. Then, his temperature also suddenly spiked up. It was honestly the most bizarre and frightening thing I have ever experienced, as a parent..” - Sanjay, father

He cannot even breathe without a machine

For days, they shuffled from one doctor to another, hoping to find out what was wrong. Once they learned of his condition, they were referred to a bigger hospital in Nagpur that was more equipped to treat him. But as soon as Krishna was brought to the hospital, he had to be rushed to the ICU and put on a ventilator, as his health had significantly deteriorated.

“We haven’t heard his voice in days! Earlier, there wouldn’t be a day where I wouldn’t hear him calling out to me. Now I long to hear him say ‘Mama’ and 'Papa', and chatter away about all the things that interested him. But the doctors have told us that his condition is extremely critical and only a surgery can get him out of danger…” - Uma

In Krishna’s case, the fluid that should have been absorbed in his bloodstream has instead been accumulating in his brain, and without urgent surgery, it could lead to brain damage or even death. But the said surgery will cost his parents INR 16 lakhs, which is an impossible sum for them to afford. 

With no resources left and no one to turn to, he’s struggling to save his son

Sanjay is a daily-wage labourer, and earns anywhere between INR 6,000 to 10,000 each month, depending on the availability of work. Since moving to Nagpur for his son’s treatment, he hasn’t been able to work, and even the meagre savings he had have now been used up.

I did all I could, but the bills are piling up rapidly. I’ve managed to pay only a small bit, and even sought help from friends and family. Now I’ve hit a dead end. I feel so miserable and helpless. My son is fighting for his life, while I am failing to afford the treatment that could save him because I have no money. I just want him to get better, but I don’t know what to do!” - Sanjay

Krishna’s little brother is waiting for him to return home, safe and healthy, so they can play together again. But he can only get better with your help. Krishna can get a brain surgery with your contributions, and live a long and happy life. Click here to donate.
Patient Krushna Pandram is 11 years old, living in Nagpur, Maharashtra
Being treated in Nelson Hospital, Nagpur, Maharashtra

Receiving treatment for Brain tumor

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