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This Mother Refuses To Leave The Hospital Without Her Baby Girl Whose Lungs Are Failing

“Reena hasn’t been able to eat anything in the past few days. All she says is that she wants her baby to be fine. She hasn’t even left her side. All this worrying and crying is taking a toll on her health too. I am worried about her but how do I even console her?” - Amit, father.
It took just 5 days to shatter the dreams and hopes of Amit and Reena, desperate parents of 4-month-old Khushi. They are now praying for their baby girl, hoping that she gets better. She needs continued treatment to survive. Amit doesn’t have a single rupee in his pocket, he doesn’t know how he will afford that.

Her life is in danger

Reena is a careful mother. She doesn’t let anyone do anything for her children - be it her 2-year-old son or her baby girl, Khushi. So when Khushi started showing signs of common cold, she became anxious. Soon, the baby was coughing, she couldn’t even breathe on her own.
“Our local doctors said the situation has gone out of their hands. They asked us to immediately take her to a bigger hospital. They said her life was at risk,” - Reena, mother.

Khushi has severe pneumonia - both her lungs are filled with fluid. She needs ventilator support to breathe. The infection in her blood is slowly damaging other organs.

The doctors have told the parents that Khushi is slowly getting better but she is still not out of danger. She is still being fed through pipes and sometimes when she starts coughing it goes on for hours before she calms down.

Amit works in a garment factory, he can't afford the treatment costing lakhs.

They live in a rented place in a small town in Dholpur. Amit earns about Rs. 10,000 per month. A large portion of Amit’s income goes in taking care of his family - he hardly has any savings.
“They have told me that Khushi needs to stay in the hospital for sometime now. She needs to be fully cured. But, we need 5 lakhs for that. How will someone like me arrange for this much? I need your help, please save Khushi,”- Amit.

The only hope for these parents is a generous contribution from your side that can save their 4-month-old's life 

Supporting Document 

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team

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