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Family Living On The Streets Of Mumbai Can't Save Their Baby Girl From A Failing Heart

“They laughed at me when I said that I have big dreams for my 3 children - my 2 sons and my little daughter. I didn’t listen to them, and worked hard to save every rupee for my children’s future. Even when I was pregnant with Khushi, I never stopped going to work. My husband, Jitendra and I always wanted to give them the best but now it seems like all of this is a dream. My baby girl is fighting for her life in the ICU and we can’t afford her hospital stay,” - Suvarna, mother. 

Suvarna and Jitendra live on the streets of Andheri in a makeshift home - in the place of walls, they have four sarees hanging. Suvarna used to work as a domestic help before Khushi was born and her husband does odd jobs to support their family. 

We have already put her life into lot of risks, we can’t do that again

When Khushi was 2 months old, Suvarna was shocked to see that her baby was turning blue if she cried even for few minutes. Even the simple act of breathing was getting difficult for Khushi.
“The last time she was admitted to the hospital for 20 days the doctors told us that she can get better only through a surgery. But we didn’t have the money at that time. We had no choice but to bring her back home, hoping to save some money and then get her the treatment. But in two months time, her condition got so worse that she had to be admitted again.” 

Her surgery is over but she is still not out of danger

Khushi’s condition was so critical the doctors decided to go on with the surgery the very next day after she was admitted. Calcium buildup had narrowed the baby’s aortic valve - a valve in the human heart between the left ventricle ( heart's muscular pumping chamber) and the aorta (the largest artery in the body). The surgery also tried to increase the blood flow in the baby’s heart but she is not fully cured, she needs to stay in the hospital for longer.

We don’t even a house to live in, how will we afford her treatment

Suvarna and Jitendra have spent a few thousand rupees on their daughter’s treatment till now. They live on the roads without even a roof over their head. Their sons are alone at home, the neighbours are taking care of them.

Jitendra has been working extra hours to arrange for the 8 lakhs they need for Khushi, but even if he works for a week at a stretch, he won’t be able to arrange for this much. They need your help to bring their baby home.

They don't even have a roof above their head and without your help, they won't be able to save their 4-month-old baby girl 

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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