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We Couldn't Save Our First Child, Now We'll Lose Our 9-Month-Old To Heart Disease

Their first baby was 3-months-old when she had a fever. Sujatha and Thirupathi thought it would be fine in a few days, but suddenly, their baby passed away – cause, unknown. Sujatha and Thirupathi have already gone through the pain of losing a child and now are on the verge of losing another. They are struggling to keep Pujitha alive

Their fear became a reality 

After Pujitha was born, a simple fever and cough would also scare the parents. They would rush to the doctor to save their child and their fear became a reality in no time.

Pujitha consistently got sick and soon lost her appetite. She couldn’t eat much and even if she did, she would vomit it all out. Watching her child cry day and night, Sujatha took her to the hospital where the tests revealed that Pujitha has a heart disease. This makes her vulnerable and prone to common ailments like cough, cold and fever.

She wins hearts with her smile and tries to be active but it only lasts a few minutes

Pujitha is super active and loves to crawl. She loves playing with her mother and crawls fast, waiting for her to catch her. She is 9-months-old now and has started to pull herself up and stand. But this joy sadly lasts only for a little time as Pujitha starts crying again leaving her mother clueless of what has happened to her - whether it is the pain or tiredness or if she's unable to breathe.

“I smile looking at her trying to stand and walk but my heart aches thinking about what she is going through, that she can’t even express it to me.” - Sujatha

He cannot be with his daughter when she needs him the most

Thirupathi is a daily wage labourer. He needs to keep working for his family's daily meal. With Pujitha being sick, he doesn’t want to lose a minute at work and puts all his energy to earn that extra rupee to save his child.

If he skips work to be with his daughter, we won’t be able to afford the medicines. We are labourers, how can we arrange for 2 lakh rupees. Even after my husband working day and night we can hardly afford the medicines." - Sujatha

Pujitha's eyes are bright and curious. She is yet to see the beautiful world. They can’t do this alone and need your help.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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