Woman Who Adopted 7 Siblings After Their Parents Died Needs Your Help To Save One Of Them | Milaap
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Woman Who Adopted 7 Siblings After Their Parents Died Needs Your Help To Save One Of Them

“When Ismail was 5 years old, he lost both his parents. His father passed away due to cancer and his mother suffered a fatal burn accident. Since then, all 7 siblings have lived with us, not as neighbours but as our own children. I have tried my best and have done a good job raising 10 children but my financial restrictions are hindering his chance at a better life.” - Helen, Legal Guardian.

Ismail (29) suffers from the Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease along with Dystonia. He suffers from continuous tremors and involuntary movement of muscles, impairment of thinking and lack of coordination. For Ismail, Murtuza (brother), and their five sisters, Helen is a godsend. They thank Allah each and every day for blessing them with their second mother. However, Helen is regretting not being able to give Ismail a better life.

Ismail's brother can barely leave his side now

“The other night, I held his hand and all I could feel were severe tremors. He cannot eat, talk, sit or move in this state. He is so afraid to even step out of the house, that he spends the little time he gets away from being under treatment to just try to sleep or eat. I cannot look at him this way, at the kind of life he is living. I have to be with him all the time so he gets through the day and does not fall.” - Murtuza, Ismail’s Brother.

Ismail has been fighting this dreadful disease for 10 years 

10 years ago, Ismail suffered from his first seizure attack. This was alarming for the family as it had never happened before, and also lasted too long. The brothers carried Ismail to the hospital. He got basic medicines to keep epilepsy under control. Until a few years ago, they were not aware that Ismail has Young Parkinson’s. Even with medicines, it has advanced so much that he is now continuously trembling and cannot move his left hand. The doctors have recommended Deep Brain Stimulation surgery to help make him more comfortable. 

Helen has done everything she could and is worried she may not be able to help Ismail now

"Before my husband died, we got our 5 daughters married. We were able to educate our sons. Some of them are working now. Ismail could not keep a job because of his condition. Murtuza's salary goes entirely towards Ismail's medical expenses. Sometimes he is not even able to go to work. Any other income is barely sufficient to run the house. I feel helpless watching my son unable to even eat without help. We are doing all that we can, but I am afraid I won't be able to afford this surgery." - Helen

Ismail's surgery will cost the family Rs. 15 lakhs. They cannot afford it. He is young and has a long life ahead of him which should not be cut short by a disease that is so ruthless. He can have a better life without being completely dependant on his family.

Ailments and accidents caused by the disease could be fatal. Helen needs your help to ensure Ismail does not lose his life too early like his parents.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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