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The Scar On His Head Is Proof Of His Pain, Brain Tumor Will Kill This Boy Without Treatment

The scar on his shaven head, his half-open eye and the constant pain on his face makes Ishan look like no other 3-year-old. Just 3 months ago, he had surgery to remove a tumor in his brain. He doesn’t talk - he vomits even if its water he has had. The radiotherapy has made him very weak but he needs further cycles of chemo.

“I can never forget the day he called me 'Amma' , the day he took his first steps. Now, it is just memories, I'm waiting painfully for my child to speak and walk on his own again. He is bedridden with no energy for anything. He has a long way to go. But I don't know if I can afford his treatment,” - Shahila, mother. 

His parents got scared when Ishan couldn't walk anymore

Ishan loved going to preschool. He was his usual cheerful self, his parents noticed some changes. He started to have vomiting almost every morning. They thought it could possibly be food allergies and didn't worry too much at first. But, then they started to notice a change in his personality. At times he seemed irritable; his eyes looked crossed and he even seemed easily worn out.The local doctors prescribed him medicines and it did not help him. When he couldn't walk anymore, his parents took him to a hospital in Chennai from their hometown Thiruvanamalai.

While mother is all alone at the hospital, father struggles to arrange funds in his hometown

Ishan's father Sundaramoorthy is an electrician, he earns around Rs 10,000 per month but it is not stable. He sold all the jewels, borrowed money from his relatives and friends, took loan for high interest and spent around 7 lakhs so far. He is neck deep in debts and cannot afford anymore. He needs 10 lakhs more to continue the treatment.

"My husband sends us whatever he manages to get. He tells me that he'll never let us down but I know he has tried everything possible. I don't know what I can do, it is so painful to see my child crying in pain all the time. All I want is to take him back home healthy, please help us save him," - Shahila.

You can gift a new life to this 3-year-old

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