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15-Year-Old With A Deformity Due To Blood Disease Is Fighting For His Life

Nothing has ever been normal in Hruthik's life. He attracts attention wherever he goes. Some are in awe of him and others shower sympathy. The reason is he has only four fingers in each hand. Both of Hruthik’s thumbs are missing.  However, that did not stop Hruthik from achieving success in academics or sports.

“Hruthik suffered a lot during his early years. As a kid, he had been so curious to hold toys and play with them. He would always cry when he was not able to grasp them. It took him years to learn to use his four fingers for all his chores . All  his efforts have now gone in vain. He has lost all his energy and things have started slipping from his hand again,  quite literally.”– Balakrishna, father

Hruthik’s favorite person is his little sister, Bhavana. She is a special child with Autism. She goes to a special school where there are so many kids like her. "I love going to her school and meeting her friends," says an adorable Hruthik.

“I think I have done something wrong in my previous birth. That’s why all this is happening. My son’s life is in danger and we have to save him at any cost. My daughter on the other hand is autistic and needs extensive personal care. We don’t know how to manage this situation financially and mentally. ” – Roopa, mother

Hruthik’s parents never knew about his blood disorder, Fanconi Anemia. When Hruthik was born with malformed thumbs, they blamed themselves. They thought they did not take proper care during the pregnancy. They never knew until now that his physical deformity was a sign of his blood disorder.

"Few months ago, Hruthik had severe recurring fever. He used to cry in the night due to a throbbing pain in his legs. We got very scared and thought it could be viral fever or dengue or something. The truth was worse, he was diagnosed with a rare life threatening blood disorder. We had never heard of anything like that before."  -Balakrishna, father

Doctors have informed that Hruthik's blood count is decreasing rapidly and he has hypoxic Respiratory failure. He is in the hospital for almost a month now. He is unable to breathe on his own and needs mechanical ventilation and multi-organ support.

Balakrishna works as a electrician and also runs small errands so that he can make some more money. He makes around 10,000 Rupees a month. His wife also does tailoring to make ends meet.  But that’s not enough.  The treatment  and medical care would cost them around 4-5 Lakh and that is beyond their means. But Hruthik needs to stay in the hospital for at least 2 more weeks.

Hruthik further needs to undergo Bone Marrow Transplant and the doctors are currently looking for a donor. That's the only permanent cure of his disease. 

The cost to save Hruthik’s life is high and cannot be borne by his poor parents. Your contribution will help them.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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