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He Sold His Land And His Cows To Save His Son From Cancer, But It’s Still Not Enough

“I thought I could save my son from cancer. We sold the only things we had— a small piece of land and our cows.  We sold them for whatever price we got, we needed funds immediately. I have nothing left of that money now. I’m neck-deep in debts. My son’s life is still in danger and I’m helpless. “ – Devaraj, Father  

Hemanth Gowda (6) vaguely remembers his life outside the hospital as it has been 2 years since he last played in a park or went to school. Now and then, he asks for his grandmother who is back at home in his village. Sometimes, he asks about the cows and hens they had at home. He does not, however, understand why his parents start crying whenever he speaks about such things. 

“I am at a loss of words. How can I explain what I am going through? My son is just 6 years old...how can I tell him of his condition? We have told him that he has a fever and he needs to take the medicines to go back home. He is just a little kid and is losing his entire childhood in the hospital bed. How is that fair?" – Jayamma, Mother 

Hemanth has been diagnosed with a rare type of testicular cancer. What started as a normal fever turned out to be a deadly disease. The poor kid has been undergoing chemotherapy and radiation for over a year now. The treatment has made him extremely weak. He feels tired all the time and begs to be taken home. The pain is unbearable for this little child - he wants to know when he will be rid of that.

The doctors have informed that Hemanth needs to undergo bone marrow transplant at the earliest to have a chance at survival. Further, he needs to continue chemotherapy and radiotherapy to recover. Devaraj needs 20 lakhs for his son's treatment - an amount unimaginable for this poor family.

I am a farmer or should say was a farmer. I do not have any job now as I’m staying with my son and wife in the hospital. I do not know any job other than farming. I run small errands whenever I can. I do not even know any person here in Bangalore to ask for help. How can I arrange for 20 lakhs? I keep getting calls from the moneylenders from whom I had borrowed - when will I pay them?  I need help or else I don’t know how to survive or save my son” says an emotional Devaraj weeping.

Devaraj has no source of income to even take care of his family’s basic needs. He begs for help to save his son so that they can somehow find the strength to restart their lives and recover all that they have lost. Your contributions alone can do that.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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