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Habulal, Father To Two Kids, Will Succumb To Blood Cancer If Not Given Timely Treatment

"I might be poor but I worked hard to give my family a life better than I had. I deserve to be around them, to see them grow into wonderful human beings. I feel that I deserve dignity in life and death, but Cancer is taking it all away from me."

Habulal worked as a labourer in Ahemedabad and lives there with his family. Breaking his back to build his life brick by brick, 40-year-old Habulal never imagined how easily it would be snatched away from him. Married with two kids, Habulal has been diagnosed with a severe form of blood cancer called B-Cell Lymphoma.

B-Cell Lymphoma is cancer that develops in the lymph nodes and spreads rapidly to other parts of the body if not treated immediately and urgently. He needs to undergo six cycles of chemotherapy and so far he has only completed three. 

A year filled with pain and suffering

His ordeal started a year back, when he became too weak to even perform his daily tasks. He had fever, indigestion and unexplained weight loss. He ignored the symptoms for as long as he could. He went to a doctor who told him something he never expected. That he had cancer and that it was quite advanced. He needed chemotherapy urgently.

Habulal wants to continue the fight but he cannot afford it

Habulal's cancer is growing rapidly and without timely chemotherapy, there is very little the doctors can do to improve his chances of survival. Although he has been on medication for some time now, he does not have funds remaining to continue and complete the treatment.

Habulal in his village with his parents, wife and two children

Due to cancer, Habulal had to leave his work and go back to his hometown in Rajasthan. Because he is the sole earning member of his family, at present, they have no source of income. He was taking treatment at CIMS, Ahmedabad and he has spent close to Rs 6 lakhs. The chemo is far from over, but he does not have another Rs 1.5 lakhs to complete treatment. He is struggling to collect the remaining amount that can save his life.

"I do not have the privilege to give up. I have two kids, the eldest is not even 6. They are completely dependent on me. I have to look after my wife as well. With so many responsibilities on my shoulder, how can I give up and leave them all alone?" said Habulal. 

How Can You Help?

Habulal and his family have exhausted all their funds with the treatment so far and do not have the money to afford the rest of his treatment. Without the timely treatment, Habulal will never recover. At present, the family has no source of income and are struggling to make ends meet.

He needs our help. Your contribution can help Habulal get the treatment he deserves. 

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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