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20-year-old Shepherd's Spine Is Bent In A C And He Will Be In Excruciating Pain Until He Gets A Surgery

“Girisha doesn't cry or complain. He just holds his leg and crouches on the floor with that twisted expression. After seeing him that way, my mind can't find happiness in anything else,” says Girish's elder brother Veeranna.

20-year-old Girisha's spine is severely deformed and in the last one month, his condition has become worse. He is unable to do anything because he is immobilised with pain. His family is scared what will happen to him if they don't get him the surgery that will make him better.

Girish needs a surgery to get better

Girisha has lived a lonely life because of his condition

Girisha's family lives in Kalliganahatti village and when he was young, his father earned money bringing up sheep. Girisha's spinal trouble started when he turned 12. The family was too poor to seek out treatment at the time and with time, his condition would further deteriorate.

Girish at home with his parents Veeranna

In a year, Girisha dropped out of school and started staying at home. “What little extra money we had was spent on Girisha's treatment. My father said one of us had to drop out of studies. Because his health was bad – Girisha stayed home and I went to study. After that he became very quiet and rarely ventures outside the house,” Veeranna says.  

So while Veeranna and their sister Kavitha went to school, Girisha stayed home – alone with his condition. At 20, Girisha is a very quiet, shy person who is uncomfortable outside his home. His back is severely distorted and now it is causing him so much leg pain that he is unable to walk or do any other of his regular daily activities.

Girisha outside his house with his parents and brother

Girisha has been living with the condition for over 6 years. His spine is now causing him difficulty breathing and very soon it will affect his heart as well. He also has severe anemia. A surgery will fix his spine and prevent his condition from worsening. Girisha may even be able to get a small job and help his family's financial situation.

Girisha urgently needs help correcting a deformity in his spine

Veeranna lost his job taking care of Girisha

Girisha's older brother Veeranna used to be the family's sole earning member. But because he needed to take Girisha to the hospital in the last two months, he lost his job as a shop assistant. Despite the family's dire financial situation, Veeranna is determined that Girisha get treatment this time.

“When his problem first started – no one knew what to do. We went to different hospitals nearby and finally stopped going and Girish never got treatment. Now the doctor is telling us he will get better with a surgery. My little brother has suffered too much already. If it will give him some comfort – we will do anything,” Veeranna says. 

Girisha's elder brother Veeranna (right) is trying very hard to get treatment for Girisha this time

Unfortunately, even after he borrowed heavily from his friends, Veeranna could only raise Rs 1 lakh. All the money has already been spent on visiting hospitals and getting all the necessary tests done. Veeranna needs another 5.5 lakhs for the surgery and he has no one to help him arrange the amount.

How you can help

Girish is in constant pain every day. But he keeps it to himself because he doesn't want to be a burden on his parents and brother who struggle to make ends meet any way. Your contribution will change 20-year-old Girish's life and give him hope that things can be better for him too. 

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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