This 7-year-old's Suffering Makes Her Believe She Is Going To Die Soon, But Doctors Say She Can Be Saved | Milaap
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This 7-year-old's Suffering Makes Her Believe She Is Going To Die Soon, But Doctors Say She Can Be Saved

7-year-Old Geethika survives on blood transfusions. She has suffered so much that she believes she will not make it after all this, but her doctors say she can be saved with a transplant but her poor parents cannot afford it.

You don’t know what it is to have a child with Thalassemia. I wouldn’t wish this life upon any parent or any child. People think it is just anemia. My little girl lives her life thinking every day might just be her last day. Even if this disease is manageable in some way, the effect it has over your child, and that perpetual fear, is something you can’t imagine.”
Geethika (7), was a new born when she fell sick. She had a high fever. They had just been discharged after delivery when the baby had to be admitted again for observation. 4 days, and no diagnosis. A blood test showed low hemoglobin, so she had multiple blood transfusions. The father was forced to switch several hospitals before he found out that she was born with a severe blood disorder, Thalassemia. At the time, she was 6 months old.

You always want to believe that your children are healthy, even if they have a cold

Narayan and Subbamma have an older child, Akhila (10). Akhila is a healthy young girl. The parents were first shattered to hear that their younger daughter was sick. They couldn’t believe it. Narayan wanted to do everything possible to cure her.

“I went to Guntur, I went to CMC Vellore. Everywhere, they had her admitted, ran the same tests again and told us she had Thalassemia. The only solution? Blood transfusion. Finally, a doctor asked me why I’m not giving my doctor medicines. I said she was not prescribed any.”

A father embarked on a mission to save his child and nothing was going to stop him

Narayan registered at Red Cross Hyderabad. The blood was free, but he had to pay for medicines, her special diet, and transportation every month for her transfusions. For 7 years, he has doted over Geethika watching her every breath, every step, making sure she does not fall ill. He kept asking doctors if there was a permanent cure. Everyone said the transfusions were the only way.

“For 20 days a month, my daughter is super healthy. She goes to school, she plays, she jumps around the house. When day 20 arrives, she sleeps longer. She does not want to go to school. She does not even step out of the house. I know, we have to go.”

We live in fear, fear of what might happen if one day we miss the signs

If there is any delay in transfusions, the fever sets in. Geethika begins crying out in pain. Her limbs begin to hurt and she can hardly move around because of fatigue. It scares her so much that she religiously takes her medication on time and even pulls her parents to go to the hospital. She does not flinch at the sight of blood or when they stick needles into her.

“I have spent nearly 20 lakhs over the past 7 years. She cannot eat outside food. She needs a special diet. She needs special care. All this moving around as well. We sold our land. We sold everything we have. We even borrowed from people. The priority is her health. Anything for her.”

My daughter is thinking about death and we have to stop that from happening

Narayan was still looking for a cure when he chanced upon a doctor who suggested bone marrow transplant. The estimated cost for the surgery is Rs. 15 lakhs, something Narayan cannot afford right now. He has applied for CM funds and is waiting for approval. The family is desperate to save Geethika from this disease, now more than ever.

“We were traveling back home in the train recently. I had kept her food by my side. She said to me ‘Daddy, if I die, who will eat my food?’ It just broke me. She asks questions like this sometimes. And it is hard to keep myself from bursting into tears. I cannot live if anything happens to her. I need to save her from this. I can see the disease is changing her, even in appearance. It is now or never.”
Geethika is a strong little girl, but even strong girls need to be saved. Your support can help a father give his daughter a healthy life.

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