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15 Days Is All This Girl Has To Get A Transplant, Her Blood Disease Can Kill Her

When you look at 9-year-old Geet whimpering in pain and tossing and turning on the hospital bed, you are bound to feel sorry for this little child. Just a month ago, fate had served a severe blow to Geet’s family. She was diagnosed with a dangerous blood disease - she needs a bone marrow transplant in the next 15 days. That is her only hope to survive. 

She was as white as a sheet - that couldn’t have been a normal fever

A happy and chirpy little Geet suddenly fell sick a month ago. She had a cold and fever. But what worried her parents, Umesha and Sharda, more was the pale colour of her skin.
“She was so weak, she couldn’t even walk. She was as white as a sheet.  We had never seen a normal fever do this to anyone. We immediately took her to the doctor,” - Sharda, mother.

The antibiotics didn’t seem to work - she only got worse. Then, the bleeding started and she had to be admitted to the ICU.

She was in there for 10 days and those 10 days were the most horrible days of our lives. Every minute we were praying for her well-being. They were constantly giving her blood and platelets. Finally, when she opened her eyes, we thought she would be fine,” - Umesh, father.

Unfortunately, the doctors in their hometown, Nashik, asked them to take Geet to Mumbai. They said her disease can only be cured with an urgent bone marrow transplant.

She cries in horror when blood comes out from her mouth

Geet has aplastic anemia - a condition in which her body stops producing enough blood cells. She needs blood and platelet transfusion in every 4 days. Any delay has dangerous effects on the little girl.


She starts bleeding from her gums - it’s so painful to see that. And she is so scared. Her entire body aches and she hides her face in the pillow and cries. How can a mother just look at her child like this?” - Sharda.

22.5 lakhs - that’s how much I need to save my daughter

Umesh buys whole spices from farmers, packs them at home and sells them to shops. He makes about Rs 200-250 a day. When Sharda gives him a hand, he gets a little more.
“But that is not enough, you know. Not at all enough to save my Geet. I have borrowed from my relatives and have paid about 2.5 lakhs. But 22.5 lakhs is impossible for me,” - Umesh.

He sits in the waiting room, anxious and worried. He knows that without help he will lose Geet. You are his last hope - will you help save Umesh and Sharda’s 9-year-old?

A small contribution from your side can make a big difference for Umesh and Sharda 

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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