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Rapidly Spreading Cancer Will Kill This 6-month-old Without Urgent Treatment

"He holds my fingers tightly with his one hand and the other one is just laying motionless with exuberant pain. He looks at me and cries out loudly in agonizing ache, but all I can do is watch him suffer through. The mother in me feels distressed with helplessness while my little baby is fighting for life." - Vivan's mother, Sunanda.

A Tumor Had Put This 6-Month-Old's Life At Risk 

Abhik and Sunanda were content in life when they were gifted with a child. But their happiness was short-lived when their little son suddenly fell sick a month ago. He soon developed a tumor on his right hand which was diagnosed as cancer.

"My son spends his day actively playing around in the house creating a rumpus with his toys. When a swelling was formed on his hand we thought he had hurt himself. But the lump increased gradually and had grown to the size of a golf ball. His fever spiked up suddenly and my husband and I sped him to the hospital immediately. After a couple of tests, they have told us that it might be cancerous tumor. If it is not removed, it can spread across the body and can kill him. Without a second thought, we immediately started the treatment." - Sunanda.

Without A Continuous Treatment, Vivan May Soon Lose His Life To Cancer 

This parent's worst nightmares came true after their little son had undergone immediate surgical excision on the forearm of his right hand, where the tumor was removed and tested. 6-month-old Vivaan was diagnosed with Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma cancer(ARMS)  in which the cells grow faster in muscles of the body and requires more intense treatment. Vivan needs chemotherapy regularly without which the disease may not let him live long.

"My son who should be happily playing with his favorite toys is spending day and night in the hospital continuously crying out in pain. At times, the pain in his forearm is so vigorous that a delicate touch can lead to an inconsolable cry for hours. And suddenly weakness consumes him so much that an out-loud-cry becomes merely silent tears. Every day I suffer from a sinking pain in my heart as I watch my baby go through so much at this tender age." - Sunanda.

Parents Have Spent All Their Saving To Save Their Baby's Life

This 6-month-old baby's parents could afford only one cycle of chemotherapy and he needs 4 more cycles of treatment every 21 days. If the treatment is discontinued, his condition will become more critical. The parents have already spent 3,50,000 and exhausted all their savings on the surgery and other medical expenses.

"My husband works in a small firm, with his meager income we run the house. We have spent every penny that we saved for his future to save him from certain death. But now we are left with nothing and cannot afford any further treatment. We have knocked on many doors for help and returned hopless. All our effort to save him will only go in vain if you don't lend us a hand, please help us," - Sunanda. 

How You Can Help

Sunanda's 6-month-old is running against the time fighting for his life with cancer. Only a few days are left for his next cycle of chemotherapy and further requires to continue the treatment without which he will not make it. The family needs 6 lakhs to help their little one survive and are completely dependent on the crowdfunding for their only son's life.

Your support can save Vivan's life

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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