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10-year-old Whose Painful Swollen Tummy Makes Her Starve Has Just A Few Days To Live Without A Liver Transplant

Fatima squeezes her mother’s hand tightly and squirms when the excruciating pain in her fluid-filled abdomen becomes unbearable. She is hungry and wants to eat, but immediately throws up when she tries to swallow. But the worst thing is that she refuses to drink a lot of water because it hurts when she pees. An urgent liver transplant can solve her problems. But her poor parents do not even have money to buy medicines, how will they afford such a big surgery?

All Fatima can ask her mother is, ‘What did I do to deserve such a fate?’

10-year-old Fatima’s liver has been failing ever since she got Hepatitis B about 6 months back

“Her eyes and skin started becoming a pale yellow. We did not pay much attention to it because she did not behave like she was sick. But one day at school, she lost consciousness all of a sudden. Her teachers noticed the yellowness all over her body and instructed us to go to the doctor immediately. After a round or two of tests, she was diagnosed with Hepatitis B.”-Faseena, mother.

She was treated at a local hospital and her parents believed that she was slowly getting well. But unfortunately, her health only worsened with time

This little girl was in and out of the hospital for more than six times, but her condition did not improve. She complained of regular stomach pain, despite taking all the medicines that were prescribed. Her poor parents did not have enough money to take her to hospitals every other week, so they had to borrow heavily from relatives.

“We come from a lower middle-class family in Kashmir. I sell old clothes for a living. But our child’s life was more important to us than our pride, and so we did not hesitate to beg to get her treated. Our hearts sank when the doctors said that her bile ducts had become infected, leaving her liver in a really bad shape.”-Syed Hussain, father.

Fatima holds on to her parents the whole day because of unbearable pain

Syed and Faseena broke down when they were told that their angel’s liver was a 100% damaged and would not survive without a liver transplant

“The doctors told us that she needed a transplant because her liver had become dysfunctional. Anything could happen any moment. But we were more worried when they told us that we couldn’t get the transplant done anywhere in Kashmir. I immediately called my brother and we left for Delhi. We had no money to spare, but we didn’t think of it at the time. Our child’s life was in danger and she needed to be saved.”-Faseena.

Headaches and weakness have become a regular affair for this 10-year-old, as she waits for her parents to save her from this living hell

Fatima is a poor reflection of her former active self who loved to chat continuously with her parents about everything under the sun. She hardly smiles now, let alone talk. All she can tell her mother continuously is, ‘It hurts’.

“She tells me that she can’t take the weight around her belly anymore. She cannot sit or sleep in a comfortable position and it is making her body ache. She is a resilient child who has been fighting so well for the last 6 months, but when she sees us worried about money all the time, she also loses hope.”-Faseena, with tears in her eyes.  

These poor parents have no way to save their daughter

When we came to Delhi, a family friend was kind enough to rent out a room free of cost for us to stay because people know that we are very poor. Till now, we have spent almost Rs 3 lakhs, we need more than Rs 12 lakhs. I am ready to give my liver to her as Fatima’s condition is only getting worse by the day. There is no time to waste, but we have no means to arrange the money. Please help us.”-Syed Hussain.

Fatima’s father, Syed Hussain, sells rags for a living and only makes Rs 3,000 a month. The family lives in a one-room tin house in Kashmir. Relatives and friends were helping them with Fatima’s treatment costs until now, but the cost of the transplant is so high that they cannot afford to even ask people to help anymore.

How you can help

Fatima is just 10-years-old but she goes through pain every second now. She cannot sit or eat and cannot drink more water. If she doesn't get help now, she cannot survive for long. With our help, she will get a chance to be treated and to be free from pain.

Your contribution can help save this 10-year-old before her bad liver kills her

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 The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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