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It is this Desperate Father's Last Chance to Save His 5-year-old Daughter

Baby Dua is 5. She was diagnosed with a deadly blood disorder when she was only 2-years-old. The condition has destroyed her body's ability to make its own blood cells. Wanting to make her better, her parents arranged for two bone-marrow transplants. Her condition is still not better. A third bone-marrow transplant is her parents' last chance to save her.
Dua with her father 

Dua's father has not worked in the last six months because of her illness 

Dua lives in Badgam, Kashmir with her parents and her baby brother. Her father Hussain works as a driver. Dua is his first child and when she became bloodless and weak at age 2, he was heartbroken. He took her to the best hospitals and managed the condition with blood transfusions.

Dua has severe Aplastic Anemia – a condition where the body stops making blood cells. The only cure for this dangerous condition is a bone-marrow transplant (BMT). Luckily for this family,when their son Neesam was born, he turned out to be 100% matched donor.
Dua with Hussain on one of her better days

This felt like the sign of hope that the family had always been waiting for. That year, they worked very hard and saved all the money that they could. Hussain went to a lot of his friends to borrow money to save Dua. With a lot of hope, the family was able to get Dua a BMT this year.

Unfortunately, Dua's first BMT did not work. A few months back, they even got a second BMT. While the second has not failed, Dua's body began having trouble adjusting to the new cells. She has developed fever and remains very vulnerable to infections. She needs a third BMT to be fully cured.

After 2 failed bone-marrow transplants, Dua's parents are shattered 

A bone-marrow transplant is an expensive procedure and Dua's family has borrowed heavily to get this done twice. Hussain has spent over Rs 18 lakhs till now – most of it a loan from concerned friends and family. But it all seems in vain now.

Dua herself has become unrecognizable. “What can I tell her? She is 5-years-old and understands everything. She knows she is sick. We try to to tell her she will get better, but how do we convince her when we can't afford treatment,” Hussain says.

Hussain and his wife are tired and worried about the future they face and about Dua's health. Their bubbly, spirited child has become a shadow of her former self. They have no resources left to continue her treatment and save her life.  

How you can help

Dua has a good chance of getting better and recovering from her illness if she gets a third bone-marrow transplant. Her parents are exhausted and have absolutely nothing left. It is getting difficult for them to even continue buying medicines. 

Your contribution is Dua's only shot at getting better. 

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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