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Once A Child Labourer Is Now Feeding Thousands Of Hungry And Homeless People Every Day

“A farmer’s struggle and a mother’s struggle is the same; if that struggle is coming to our plates, we have to be very mindful of that and shouldn’t let it go in vain.” - Malleshwar Rao 

In the heart of Hyderabad, a force of compassion, dedication, and hope is embodied by Malleshwar Rao Nemani, a 29-year-old social worker with a profound mission to combat hunger and make a positive impact on the lives of the underprivileged through his non-profit organisation, Don't Waste Food, which provides daily meals to 3000 individuals.


A Mission That Started With Hunger

My father was a farmer who lost everything when heavy rains destroyed all his crops. We found ourselves on the streets with no shelter or food. To put food on the table, my father worked odd jobs, and many times, we went to bed with empty stomachs. That feeling of hunger stayed with me for years, reinforcing the value of food. Hence, 'Don't Waste Food' came into existence.” - Malleshwar Rao 

The initiative began during Malleshwar's college years when he lacked the means to pay for his college or hostel fees. Struggling to curb his hunger, he seized an opportunity to work in catering at night. While engaged in this work, Malleshwar was drawn to a glaring issue.

Too Much Food With No Mouths To Feed

In the catering business, he witnessed a shocking amount of food being wasted daily. Those memories of hunger and homelessness were still fresh in his mind, compelling him to start 'Don't Waste Food' in 2012. Together with friends and volunteers, they began collecting surplus food from the city and distributing it to the underprivileged, a small step that has now grown into a big movement.

“My journey started with my own hunger and ended up alleviating hunger for many others. It expanded beyond me and my team. Now, it's time to step up. India ranks 111th on the global hunger index despite being the 'Annapoorna' for the world. This needs to change, and I aim to do whatever possible to reach a stage where we can proudly declare that no one in our country sleeps hungry.” - Malleshwar Rao 


Malleshwar needs our support! Here's what he plans: 

How exactly will the funds collected be utilized for this noble cause? Let's take a closer look at the key areas where your contributions play a key role in making a difference.

1. Food Van Purchase: One crucial aspect of the NGO is the timely delivery of meals to those in need. To ensure that food reaches its destination promptly, funds will be allocated to purchase a dedicated food van. This van will act as a lifeline, allowing volunteers to distribute food across the city efficiently.

2. Shelter Home: In the pursuit of 24-hour service and effective storage of goods, a shelter home is a vital component of the operation. It will serve as a central hub for food storage and distribution to the needy. This secure facility is where the gears of compassion and support are set in motion, ensuring that those in need have access to food whenever they require it.

3. Service Gear and Helmets: The safety and well-being of the dedicated volunteers who partake in the food distribution campaign are paramount. Service gear and helmets are of great help to these volunteers as they work tirelessly to provide meals to the underprivileged.

4. To Extend Awareness:  To extend the reach and impact, funds will be allocated to harness the power of social media. Through targeted social media campaigns and outreach, the organization can connect with more people across the country, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose in the fight against hunger.

Every contribution, no matter how big or small, plays a significant role in advancing the cause championed by Malleshwar Rao and his team. The 'Don't Waste Food Foundation' has a clear vision and a commitment to ensuring that no one in their community goes to bed hungry. Your support helps transform this vision into a reality.

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