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Even In The Cancer Ward This Teenager Plays Music To Make Others In Pain Smile

Dipesh (16) is one of the sweetest people you might meet. He loves making people smile. He doesn’t stop being his own self even when he is fighting deadly cancer.
“I ask him to take rest. He says that strumming a few strings of the guitar doesn’t take so much energy but if it makes someone smile, it is worth the effort. I feel proud and sad at the same time. How can someone so kind and helpful like him have cancer - the world is so unfair,” - Krishna, brother.

We thought we were ready for this fight but it’s getting difficult for him with every passing day

When Dipesh’s parents were heartbroken when they heard their son has blood cancer. They had almost given up all hope. But Krishna didn’t. He was determined to save his younger brother, even if that meant dropping out of college.


“It was only Dipesh and me from day one. I have seen him go through so much without a complaint. High fever, ice baths,stomach infection, breathing trouble - he has had it all. He was even in the ICU for a week. That was the first time when I thought I will lose him. It is getting very difficult for him.”

The money that we had kept aside to build our house is now all gone for Dipesh’s treatment

Krishna and Dipesh come from a humble background. Their father is a mason who makes hardly anything in a day. He can’t be with his son because his wife, Eila, is very sick. He needs to take care of her.

“But he had been saving up for a long time now. He wanted to build a house of our own. In fact, the construction was already started when we got to know about Dipesh’s cancer. Father stopped everything, he gave me the entire amount and asked me to get Dipesh treated.”

Krishna had promised that he will bring his brother home safe - now he is scared that he will not live up to that promise.

Dipesh dreams of a better future but will cancer let him have that?

Dipesh loves singing, he dreams of having a home studio one day. He wants to teach children music - he wants to spread love through music. But all of this now seems like a distant dream. He is weak and tired now, he can hardly lift his beloved guitar now. He needs continued chemotherapy - that would cost his family about 20 lakhs.
We have spent over 7 lakhs. But there is so much more that we need to pay. Dipesh needs the treatment. He is my little brother and I can’t give up on him. Please help me.”  

They are very poor and have nothing left with them to save Dipesh's life. He is an active teenager who loves music, he wants to live his life to the fullest. You can help him do that. 

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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