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Help 16-Year-Old Dhruv Get Life-Saving Treatment

In 2015, a month before the Class 10 Board exams, 14-year-old Dhruv Panchal started showing unusual symptoms. His face turned pale. He became extremely lethargic and dull. Assuming that he was going through just the typical pre-boards anxiety, his parents didn’t pay a lot of heed. However, the seemingly minor matter turned into a nightmare for the family.

First Signs

After his boards, his condition kept worsening. A series of tests confirmed that Dhruv had a blood disorder. He was diagnosed with leukemia. The news broke his family. It took some time for Dhruv’s father, Bharat, who owns a small electronics repair shop to process the information.

“I hadn’t even heard of this disease. Why did it happen to my child?” Bharat said.

Dealing with Out-of-Pocket Medical Costs

Bharat is the sole breadwinner of his family. His small business helps him earn about Rs 11,000 per month.

“My relatives have been extremely supportive. I’ve borrowed heavily from them,” he said. Bharat also sold off his property in his native village and has spent around Rs 12 lakhs on his son’s treatment till date.

“We did everything that the doctor said and everything went fine for almost a year but then he again relapsed,” Bharat said.

As per Dhruv’s doctor, Dr. Chirag Shah, he needs to undergo bone marrow transplant. The estimated cost of the treatment and medication would be Rs 3,000,000.

“I have asked everyone I know for their financial support. They did what they could. I don’t know where to go now and whom to ask for help,” Bharat said.

Living One Exhausting Day to the Next

Dhruv is a brilliant student. He secured 89% in the boards. But, the disease got in the way of his education and dreams. He was left with no other option but to drop out of school.

“He has gone through a lot of pain. But, he doesn’t show it. He tells his doctor that one day he’ll become like him and help a lot of patients,” his father said.

Dhruv’s family is finding it difficult to pay the mounting medical bills. For them, each day is a struggle, a fight to keep their son alive.

How You Can Help

Dhruv understands the pain and the suffering of a cancer patient. The illness has made him more determined than ever to fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor.  You can help him get the life-saving treatment. His family needs your support in their time of need.

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