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This 3-year-old Needs Your Help To Survive A Terrible Blood Disease

“My son’s been fighting for his life for over 3 years now. We’ve tried everything possible to help get rid of this terrible disease, but now they say only surgery can cure him. I have gone far and beyond, and still don’t think I can ever have enough money to save my son. He is all I have, and I cannot bear the thought of losing him just because I cannot afford treatment.”

3-year-old Baby Debrup was diagnosed with a genetic condition called Thalassemia Major which usually happens when he received two mutated genes, one from each of his parents. It is extremely rare and causes his body to become severely anemic within the first year of birth, requiring continuous blood transfusions to maintain blood count and hemoglobin levels.
“Debrup brought light into my life when he was born. We were all so happy and then the world began crumbling around us. For 4 months, my son continuously had cold and fever that would not subside. We took him to the doctor over and over again, when they realized it could be something more. Tests finally revealed that he had Thalassemia Major. I am a carrier and I didn’t even know it. I gave this to my child. He had to be admitted to the nursing home for blood transfusion. Since then, for over 3 years we have been giving him transfusions.”
Long term transfusions have a lot of side effects, and this baby boy has been suffering with them in addition to the symptoms of the primary disorder. He has had severe vomiting, fever, infections, chronic fatigue, and has not been able to start school yet. 

“I had enrolled him in playschool so he would have some exposure, play along with kids his age, and get distracted for a while. He kept falling sick, and I’d have to keep taking him back to the hospital every few days.”
Transfusions and medicines are just temporary fixes for Debrup’s illness. Only a bone marrow transplant can cure this boy permanently. Doctors are confident of finding a donor through the registry, and have urged Soumi to arrange for the funds. 

“My husband and I are separated. Mow single-handedly taking care of my son. My husband earns around Rs. 27,000, and even if we saved on his income, coming up with Rs. 28 lakhs for Debrup’s surgery would be impossible for us. Now, I am not even able to go to work as I have to take care of Debrup all the time. My parents are also sick, and my brother has done his best to help us. Together, and by selling off my jewelry, I have managed to pool in around Rs. 4 lakhs.”
Debrup’s needs over Rs. 5,000 for his medical expenses. In addition to the household expenses, this family is left with nothing, even if they get alimony and child support. This mother is moving heaven and earth to save her only child. Now she is requesting your help to keep him alive.

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