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Every Time She Sleeps, Her Father Wonders If She Will Wake Up Or Not

“If you look at my daughter you won’t believe that she is fighting such a deadly disease. She laughs and plays like any other child her age. One look at her smiling face and I become happy. But then I am reminded of what will happen if there’s even a little bit of delay for her blood transfusions…Every time she sleeps, I am afraid that she won't wake up. I can't explain my fears to you,” - Nirmal, father.

Nirmal and Sushmita’s 4-year-old, Debasmita is suffering from a severe blood disease and even transfusions are not helping her now. The only way they can save her now is with the help of a bone marrow transplant.

She turns pale as a white sheet of paper

Debasmita was only a few months old when Debasmita was diagnosed with Pure Red Cell Aplasia. Her body doesn’t produce enough red blood cells.
“I was giving her an oil massage when she felt abnormally light to me. It was as if her bones were hollow! I was scared, this didn’t seem normal. We took her to the doctors and our worst fears came true. They said she has a blood disease that can only be treated in bigger cities,” - Sushmita.

After that, Nirmal has done everything in his capacity to save his only child. He took her to Jamshedpur first and then to Kolkata.

“But only the costs were increasing and there was hardly any improvement in her health. Then finally we took her to Vellore. That’s where we got to know that she needs an urgent bone marrow transplant,” - Nirmal.

This is the only chance she has, what if I can’t afford her treatment? 

Nirmal works at a small shop in Jharia and makes around Rs 7000 per month. The only earning member of his family, Nirmal is taking care of his ailing parents too. After meeting all the expenses, there is hardly anything that he can save.
“I have spent about 10 lakhs on Debasmita’s treatment and now the doctors are telling me that the transplant would cost around 35 lakhs. Never will I be able to afford so much without help, please save my daughter.”

Little Debasmita is afraid of injections, she hates the fact that she gets tired just after playing for 5 minutes. She wants your help to get better, a small contribution from your side can save this girl. 

Supporting Document 

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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