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I Cannot Bear To Tell My 7-year-old That He Is Dying Of Cancer Because His Father Cannot Afford Treatment

“We were so happy when he finished chemotherapy and the doctors said we could take him home. But his tests revealed that the cancer was back, and this time, his only chance of survival is a bone marrow transplant.” – Gunji Devi, Uday’s mother.

A few months ago, 7-year-old Uday’s life completely changed. He was diagnosed with blood cancer and underwent intensive chemotherapy. However, just when Venkateswarlu and Gunji Devi thought their son was finally cured of cancer, it relapsed. Now, Uday’s cancer is back, more dangerous than ever. He needs chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant to finally beat cancer, but Venkateswarlu and Gunji Devi have nothing left to save their son this time.

They thought it their son was finally cancer free, but it relapsed soon after he completed his treatment 

“It all started as a fever. It just didn’t subside for many days. We were giving him regular medicines, but then we noticed that there was a swelling near his throat. That’s when we panicked. We took him to the doctor only to be given the worst news we had ever received – our son has blood cancer. Even then, we didn’t give up, we left no stone unturned to get him the chemotherapy. We thought he would be cured after that and that it was finally time for him to get his childhood back, but in no time, we were proven wrong.”

Now, Uday not only needs chemotherapy but also a bone marrow transplant to survive. Gunji Devi and Venkateswarlu are desperate to save their son, but they’re under tremendous stress about affording his treatment. They have no one to turn to for help.

Uday thinks his cancer is an infection that he’ll beat in no time

The ever-smiling Uday doesn’t understand why he feels so weak or why his neck swells up. He’s too young to understand what ‘cancer’ means, so his parents told him he has an infection. But now that his cancer is back, his parents are struggling with the questions he has.

I cannot bear to tell my son that he might lose his life to a deadly disease called cancer. He thinks its an infection and that he’ll be fine in no time. It’s important that he stays positive. Especially now that it’s back. This is his only chance to beat cancer once and for all. He was such a cheerful child, but cancer has wiped that smile off his face. He’s always sick, gets fever often and is too weak to even play with his sister anymore. Now that his cancer is back, he needs another round of chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant. He keeps asking us when he'll finally be free of pain and medicines, and we have no answers for him.”

A bone marrow transplant is Uday’s only chance to finally win his battle against cancer

Venkateswarlu works as a teacher in a small school in their hometown in Andhra Pradesh and can't afford to pay for his treatment for the second time. He has already spent everything he had. They were forced to sell Gunji’s gold jewellery to pay for his treatment. Now, even that’s not enough. Uday needs an urgent bone marrow transplant that is estimated at 30 lakhs, an amount Venkateswarlu can’t afford. This is Uday’s only chance to survive, and Venkastwarlu and Gunji are distraught that the only hurdle for their son’s recovery is their lack of funds.

How You Can Help

Uday needs an urgent bone marrow transplant to beat cancer for the second time. He has been brave so far, but without timely treatment, he won’t make it for long. Venkateswarlu and Gunji have already spent lakhs on his treatment the first time and have nothing left to save him now. They desperately need your help to save their son from cancer.

Your contribution will save Uday’s life.

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