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This Is A Single Mother's Battle To Save Her 9-Year-Old From The Clutches Of Cancer

Life has never been easy for Grace and her daughters, but she has always known how to fight bravely. But this time it seems that God has put her through the most difficult test of all times. Her 9-year-old daughter, Blessing, is battling cancer. A single mother with barely enough income, Grace is struggling to afford her daughter’s treatment. But she has not lost hope. 

“When my husband and I separated, my children went through a lot of pain and unhappiness. But that day I had promised myself that I will never let them feel the absence of a father. I will be their father and mother. I had promised to never fail them, I can’t go back on my promise now,” - Grace, mother.

It all began with a call from Blessing’s boarding school

It was almost the end of March when Grace received a call from her daughter’s boarding school. They told her that Blessing had a fever and asked her to come visit her. Grace went to see her and found Blessing in terrible pain - there were dark blue bruises all over her body.


“I was scared. I immediately took her to a doctor. I thought medicine would cure her but the doctor asked us to immediately leave for Chennai. They told me that my 9-year-old might have cancer.”

Far away from home, everyday is a struggle for Grace and her daughter

Blessing has a severe form of blood cancer, she needs 6 months of chemotherapy. But Grace doesn’t have the money to continue her daughter’s treatment. The little girl knows she has cancer but Grace tells, she is too young to understand the implications of it.

“I had rented out a place near the hospital but it was getting too expensive. I had no choice but to move to a small, dingy place far away from the hospital. At least we have a roof over our head now and they don’t charge us money for that. But every other day, there is a problem with the owner or the neighbours. My child is sick and crying out in pain - on top of this, these problems are only making our lives difficult.”

This single mother begs for your help to save her daughter

“I collected all my savings and came from Shillong in the hope to get my daughter treated. But it’s only been a month and all my savings are over. With the help of my family and friends, I have been able to afford her treatment until now. But if I don’t get help, I will never be able to arrange the 15 lakhs I need for her chemotherapy. Please help me.

Grace is all alone in this fight. She has always been a pillar of strength for her family, she doesn’t want to fail them now. Besides running her small shop in Shillong, she used to volunteer in an NGO there. She knows the pain of a person in need - she is begging you to help her save her daughter's life.

Blessing misses home and wants to go back. She thinks that she is getting better, she doesn't know she needs continued chemotherapy to beat cancer. A small contribution from your side can give the little one a new lease of life 

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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