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Bhanu's Parents Cannot Even Afford Bus Fee To Take Him To The Hospital For Treating Liver Failure

Bhanu is a 10-year-old whose liver condition was caught very late. He now needs an urgent liver transplant to survive. His parents are daily-wage workers who have funded his treatment with a lot of difficulty. They desperately need help saving Bhanu. 

Bhanu's parents don't understand what is wrong with him - they only know he needs a new liver to live

Bhanu's parents don't fully understand Bhanu's condition

Bhanu's father Pardhasaradhi is a farmer from a small village near Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh. He is a migrant agricultural laborer – meaning he works on other's farms for daily wages. He knew he was poor but he never felt as unfortunate as now when his son Bhanu needs a liver transplant to stay alive. 

For years now, Bhanu has been suffering from Wilson's Disease for years now. In this condition, excessive copper is deposited in a person's soft organs like the eye, liver etc. In Bhanu's case, his liver is completely damaged because of the metal deposits. He needs a liver transplant as soon as possible if he is to make it.

Bhanu has become very weak because of his condition

Last month, Bhanu fell sick with symptoms like jaundice. He started vomiting and his eyes turned yellow. He became too sick to go to school. Even after admitting him in the hospital in Hyderabad, his symptoms only got worse. Bhanu's parents were very afraid, but now, they know there is a way to save Bhanu.

Bhanu's mother Kanakadurga is willing to give her own liver to save her son. Pardhasaradhi has borrowed heavily to keep the treatment going so far. But his resources are running out and no one is willing to lend him any more money for the treatment.

“When I find work,I earn Rs 300 a day. Who will lend me any money? For everything, I go begging to any one who will give me enough to take him to Hyderabad for treatment. Fluid collects in his stomach regularly and we need to remove it. We haven't even told Bhanu that he has to face an operation yet,” says Pardhasaradhi. 

The family received a second blow when they learned that Bhanu's brother might have the illness too

Bhanu is the smart one of the family. He is the one his parents and his neighbours call when a machine needs fixing. He spends a lot of time at the local mechanic's shop, helping him and learning about cars. He wants to study and become a scientist when he grows up. 

Bhanu and his brother Bhargav are twins born just a few minutes after each other. Though Bhargav is the elder twin – Bhanu is the one who leads their study and play. The two are inseparable.  Unfortunately, Bhargav has tested positive for Wilson's disease too. But the disease has not progressed that far for him. 

“We are faced with a choice no parent should have to face. Bhanu is very sick and we have to get him treated. But Bhargav is sick too. We have no choice but to put off his treatment and bring him to the doctor later. I am truly unfortunate to be struggling so much to save my only children from a disease this grave,” says Pardhasaradhi. 

How you can help

Unlike most children his age, Bhanu is not scared of injections and has never cried at all the invasive tests. He just wants to get better and go home. Pardhasaradhi is over 3 lakhs in debt and he needs to arrange 16 lakhs more to make that happen. It is an amount far beyond his means and there is no way he will be able to arrange it in time. Contribute to help this desperate farmer save his son. 

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Supporting Documents 

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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