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1-year-old is in A Coma Due to Brain Disease, His Parents are Struggling to Keep Him Alive

Yezhumalai and Banumathi were thrilled when Sai Harieush was born. Their family was finally complete their two beautiful children. Sadly, their happiness did not last. Who would imagine that their precious newborn baby would go into a coma just a few months after the birth? Sai has a very rare disease called ADEM (Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis) which affects the nervous system. He needs prolonged ventilator support until he recovers completely.

It started with a fever, but he soon went into the ICU for heart and lung infections

When Sai was 10-months-old he had a very high fever. His parents realized that it was not normal but never expected that he would soon fall so sick. Doctors found a drastic drop in blood pressure and he was immediately taken to pediatric ICU ward. He was given antibiotics for the infection in heart and lungs. But the infection soon affected his brain. Their life turned upside down in the blink of an eye. Every day, his condition kept deteriorating and his parents have endured a lot in the last few weeks.

Baby is now in a coma has partial paralysis in his legs and hands

After lots of tests, Sai's parents were informed that their baby had partial paralysis and that he couldn’t move his legs and hands anymore. He continued needing ventilator support. The baby developed sudden seizures also. The continuous strong medications have put the baby in a coma now. The baby needs prolonged ventilation support until there are any signs of improvement.

This previously healthy baby has partial paralysis and in a coma now

“Everything around me feels like is is spinning into chaos. I do not know what the future holds for him but I’m optimistic that he will make significant improvements over the coming months. He has a long journey ahead of him and it is this vision of him growing up that keeps me strong,” says Yezhumalai.

Baby needs prolonged ventilation support and treatment

The expenses of ICU charges and other medications kept mounting up than they could imagine. Now the baby is at home in ventilation and a nurse is appointed to take care of an emergency. He is also given physiotherapy to help him move his hands and legs. Parents are confused, worried and devastated. Nevertheless, they are willing to continue the battle despite the uncertainty, pain and the huge expenses involved in the treatment.

Physiotherapy has helped Sai regain the use of his hands

“The last few months have been the hardest time of our lives. We get through every day because of all the love we have for him and I just don't want to imagine my life without him. My daughter Hamsaveni wrote a letter to Santa Claus to bring Sai home and asked me to post the letter. She is hopeful that Santa Claus can help him to recover before Christmas. I broke down completely when I read the letter. I wish her dreams come true” says Banumathi.

Hamsaveni's letter to Santa Claus asking him to send Sai home

He is now moving his hands, yet his eyes are still closed

Sai has started to show some signs of improvement. He hasn’t opened his eyes yet, but physiotherapy has helped him regain movement in his hands. No one is sure how long he has to be in ventilation, but it may continue for 10 months. But they are determined to do all that they can to help him get better.

Baby Sai's older sister Hamsaveni wants her brother to come home soon

How can you help

Yezhumalai runs a small business and he is struggling to meet the expenses with his meager income. He needs your help to meet medical expense towards ventilator, nurse, medicines and so on. Every month it costs him nearly Rs 2 lakhs to keep his baby alive. They need to continue this for at least next 10 months. They have already spent a huge amount and are heartbroken that they can't save their baby because of lack of money. 

Your contributions will save a baby's life.

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