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This Swiggy Delivery Man Works All Night To Save His Newborn's Life But Isn't Enough

Vasanthan spends 17 hours a day, working as a mechanic in the morning and as a Swiggy delivery agent until midnight, to save his newborn child. In spite of all this struggle, he finds it extremely impossible to pay his child's escalating medical bills. If he fails to afford the treatment, it could be the last time he would even see his baby's face.

He recalls the happiest moment in his life when his wife conceived a baby after three years of marriage 

“I thought God had answered my prayers when my wife got pregnant . But I didn’t know that my little baby would have to undergo so much pain,” – Vasanthan, father.

The baby boy who was born through a normal delivery had a preterm birth. Weighing only 650 gms, the baby had other complications like immature lungs, slow weight gain, difficulty in regulating body temperature and poor feeding. Now, without continuous respiratory support and medications for three months, his baby won't make it.

It’s painful to see him struggle with all those tubes on his tiny body

“They have inserted a breathing tube into his small windpipe, he can breathe only through that. Doctor has advised to keep him in the ICU with regular medicines until he becomes healthy. We can’t even hold him when he cries in pain - we are not allowed to do that. This breaks my heart,” – Saranya, mother

To get back to normal the baby needs to be kept in an infant incubator with constant oxygen therapy, tube feeding and medicines. Medicines alone cost Rs 7000 each day, Vasanthan is struggling to afford that.

He is fighting hard to survive and I’m working hard but I need your help

“I know that my boy is a fighter. As a father its my duty to help him in this battle against death. But how much ever I try, earning Rs.7,000 per day for medicines is impossible for me. We are managing this month’s medical expense from the money Ieft from selling my wife’s jewelry. But he needs treatment for another three months which will cost around 6 Lakhs. I'm helpless and I don’t know how I will be able to handle the expense in coming months- Vasanthan

His baby requires an urgent amount of 6 lakhs to continue its treatment and the parents have nothing left to pay for it. They are in desperate need for help and your kind support can save their baby who has a good chance of recovery with constant treatment.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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