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He Almost Lost His Wife At Childbirth, Now This Father Needs Help To Save His Baby

“The doctors in my hometown told me they can either save my wife, Madhu or my baby but I wasn’t ready to accept that. I knew I would go to any extent to save both of them. I brought her to Jaipur in hope of a better treatment and when my baby boy was born I thought God has answered my prayers. But it has been 35 days and I haven’t held my baby in my arms even once. He has been fighting for his life in the NICU and needs to stay there longer,” - Pradeep, father. 

A rare disease is not letting the little baby breathe on his own

Pradeep and Madhu’s baby has chylothorax. It is a rare condition due to which there is an excess of lymphatic fluid in the lung cavity. As a result of this, the baby can’t breathe on his own and needs oxygen support. He also runs a high risk of infection.
“He needs to stay in the hospital for at least 15 more days. He is under strong medication but the doctors have told that he might need to undergo a surgery if he doesn’t get better. I want to bring him home safe but the cost of the hospital stay is getting higher with every passing day.” 

Her baby’s videos give only a fleeting moment of comfort to Madhu

Pradeep has been staying at his friend’s place in Jaipur and it would have been very difficult for him to take care of Madhu without any help there.  So she is back home in Laxmangarh - her parents are taking care of her. But she is always worried about her little baby.

 An old photo of Madhu

She requests me to send videos of the baby - nothing else can calm her down. But after watching the videos, she calls me and cries inconsolably. She looks at so many tubes around him and fears that he will not make it.” 

My friend has gone out of his way to help me but it’s getting more difficult to afford the treatment

Pradeep used to work in a Vodafone store in Laxmangarh - he made about Rs 13,000. But for the last one month, all he has been doing is running around to make arrangements for his sick baby. With the help from his friend, he has paid about 2 lakhs but he is in  no condition to afford another 1.2 lakhs more.
“I can’t bear to stay in the room with my son. It is so painful to see him all covered in tubes - unable to breathe on his own. I keep praying for him but without the hospital stay he is not going to get better. Please help me save him.”

This father is struggling to save his newborn who is fighting from a rare disease. A generous contribution from your sides can help Pradeep and Madhu.

Supporting Document 

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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