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They Nearly Lost Him In The Womb, Now His Father Struggles To Keep Him Alive

“All my loved ones are suffering one by one. My mother had cancer, my wife can't even move without being in pain and now my newborn...I am so worried something might happen to him, that I might lose him at any moment. I just want my family to be happy and I want it all to go back to normal.”- Survir, father

Survir’s mother was diagnosed with throat cancer and after a year-long fight, she was declared cancer free. It was such a happy moment for them.

She was so thankful to God that she was alive and could meet her grandchild but now… and I curse myself for not being able to protect him.”

They told me he might die even before he was born

I started working again. It hadn't even been a day since my mother got well, and I got a call saying that my child might die in the womb if something is not done soon. I immediately took the train and the next thing I know my child was there, in front of my eyes.

The baby was prematurely born in the seventh month of pregnancy. He is not able to breathe and is severely underweight. He needs constant NICU care for at least another 6 weeks which will cost them Rs 4 lakhs but they can’t afford even a single rupee anymore. 

Survir used to work in a hotel in Pune. Because of everything that was happening, he was forced to leave his job. Now he has no source of income to even provide a proper meal for his family anymore.  

“I somehow managed to save my mother. I borrowed, I spent all my savings. But my child, for my child I am unable to do anything and it is killing me.”

Her stitches started bleeding, she couldn't meet her own child

“I want to see him so badly. If I try to move even an inch, it pains so much that...that I can’t even tell you. I even tried to meet my child but the hospital was so far and on the way, my started to bleed. Doctor said not to move or else it might cause an infection. But I can’t stay away from him for long. I just want him in my arms and want to bring him home.”- Babli,mother

The baby has high chances of survival but the father can't afford the treatment. Your kind contribution can save this little child. Without your help, he will not be able to survive.

Patient Baby of Babli is 7 days old, living in Mumbai, Maharashtra
Being treated by Dr Anirban Bagchi in Surya Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Receiving NICU treatment for Pre mature

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