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This Farmer's 2-Month-Old Baby Has Been Reduced To Only Bones Because Of Diarrhea

“I am afraid to hold my son. I feel I might break his bones - he is so thin. I only hold him when my wife, Ayesha, is around. She puts him on my lap and I just sit in one place. I fear that if I move he might get hurt,” - Sohidur Rahman, father.

The little baby can’t digest even a single drop of milk

Sohidur and Ayesha’s 2-month-old baby boy is very sick. He weighs only 2 kgs. He can’t even digest a single drop of milk. Their baby has been suffering from chronic diarrhea since birth.

I can’t feed my own baby. The doctors have told me that even little bit would be fatal for him. I can’t explain how terrible that makes me feel,” - Ayesha, mother.

The local doctors in their village in Medinipur, West Bengal, couldn’t figure out what was the problem. They advised the troubled parents to take him to Hyderabad.  

The train journey was nothing short of a nightmare

“He just wouldn’t stop. He cried all the way to Hyderabad, sometimes he would just faint after crying for 2 hours non-stop. I tried calming him down, putting him to sleep, singing a lullaby but nothing worked,” - Ayesha.

The baby boy passes motion the very next minute he is fed something. He becomes hungry then and starts crying out loud. Once in Hyderabad, the doctors started feeding the baby from his nose. They started giving him formula food and very slowly the baby started showing improvement. But he is still not out of danger.  

He needs to be fed 20 ml every 3 hours 

The doctors have asked the parents to feed him the formula food every 3 hours - the quantity can’t be more than 20 ml. Anything more, the baby will start passing motions, again.
“Our lives are now spent looking at the clock, checking the time. We need to be very careful while feeding him. He is slowly getting better but the doctors have asked us to take him for check-ups in 15 days,” - Sohidur.

But a poor farmer, Sohidur doesn’t have anything left with which he can afford his son’s medicines or take him to Hyderabad again. He had mortgaged his only piece of land and now works for Rs 200 per day on others’ farms. 

“I have spent more than 3 lakhs, my debts are only increasing. I can’t even afford to buy his regular medicines, how will I continue his treatment?”

Ayesha and Sohidur’s son is very critical. He is recovering but he needs continued care - something that the parents are unable to afford. They have nothing left with them, but you can help them save their son. 

Supporting Document 

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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