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This Newborn’s Heart Is 30% Bigger Than Normal, He’s Running Out Of Time Without Treatment

“It’s been 20 days since my baby has been in the ICU, I see him every day…but it never gets easier seeing him like this. All the wires, tubes..machines! I don’t…”  

Afreen couldn’t even finish this sentence without breaking down. Every time she enters the ICU, she cries, says a small prayer before going closer to her baby and holding his tiny hands. It isn’t easy being a mother, especially one who knows that she could lose her baby in hours if she doesn’t get help soon. Afreen’s baby boy is very critical – his heart is 30% bigger than normal and it’s affecting his other organs.

Lose everything you have or lose your child forever – the choice was obvious

“We had just 1 hour to decide – lose everything we have or lose our son forever. It didn’t take us even a few seconds, the choice was obvious. We can’t lose our son. I borrowed from my brothers and sisters, sold my wife’s earrings…and took my baby in an ambulance to Hyderabad.” – Khaja, father

That was just 3 days after his birth. Afreen and Khaja’s baby was home only for 3 days after which he started having difficulty breathing. He couldn’t have a sip of milk without choking. The devastated parents soon found out that he has a severe heart disease, good blood is not being circulated in his body and his kidneys and lungs are also affected. He’s on the ventilator now.

All their prayers and tears beg for one thing – your help to save their baby

Afreen hasn’t left the hospital. Khaja is now back in their hometown trying to find a way to continue his baby’s treatment. But he has found no help, no hope.

“I called him just now, he said he has nothing yet…he keeps telling me not to give up. But I know that if we can’t find a way to keep him in the ICU, we’ll have to take him back..” - Afreen

Taking him back home means their baby will die – Afreen can’t get herself to say this, but she knows it. Khaja and Afreen have spent 3 lakhs already. Their baby needs to stay in the hospital for at least 2 more weeks to survive. When he makes it through these 2 weeks, he can have the 2 surgeries that will give him a healthy heart. He needs your help.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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