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1-Year-Old Who Is Attacked By Seizures Every Hour In A Day Has Slipped Into Coma, Needs Urgent Help

"I cannot express how scared I felt when I knew that seizures are the only sign to know that my baby daughter is still alive. She is attacked by seizures 24 hours a day. It has been 21 days till now that her body has been violently shaking. The doctors are forced to sedate her little body for a couple of hours every day only to keep her alive. The mother in me cannot bear to think how her tiny body will fight through this battle. I want to hold and tell my baby that I am there for her but she hasn't opened her eyes since her first seizure attack. The thought that she may never open her eyes is killing me inside." - Ratnakumari, Lucky's mother.

In just one night, baby Lucky's condition deteriorated

Lucky and her parents live in Tenali, a town in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. A month ago, 1-year-old Lucky suffered from high fever and she was taken to the local doctor. Even after continuous medication her fever only increased. The worried parents rushed her to a hospital, where after the blood test she was treated for dengue fever. One night, her condition deteriorated. The worried parents took her to the local doctor who suggested to take the baby to a better hospital in the city.

"She was barely able to move, I knew that it was not dengue and something more serious. We were scared and immediately started to Guntur the very moment. It was midnight and we couldn't find any transportation. We had no choice but to travel in an auto. All along the way our baby was crying with weakness. But suddenly her crying stopped. For a while, I thought she was sleeping but when I tried waking her up, she wouldn't. I cried and yelled her name a thousand times but she just lay motionless in my arms. I couldn't say whether she was alive or dead.  We quickly rushed to the hospital." - Ratnakumari.

The parents feared they had lost their daughter that moment. When the doctors told them their daughter was alive, they had a sign of relief. The very next day Lucky's body started shaking violently. The doctors have tried to stop seizures but they have become only fatal. Ever since then the seizures have never stopped. Ratnakumari and her husband shifted her to a private hospital in Vijayawada.

Aggressive seizures will kill this baby without urgent treatment

1-year-old Lucky is suffering from Super Refractory Status Epilepticus (SRSE), a condition with prolonged violent seizures. She was given numerous drugs to control the seizures but nothing stopped it. She needs to continue her ICU treatment, ventilation support to breathe and medications.

"I barely get 5 minutes in the morning and in the evening to see my baby. I spend the rest of the time praying and waiting outside the ICU. I request every nurse who enters and leaves the ICU to check on my baby. Every time I visit her, I look at her and beg God to wake her soon from the coma. As the days pass by, her condition is only becoming more critical and fear of losing my little one is only increasing." - Ratnakumari.

The Lucky's fatal disease has left this family homeless

Lucky's parents had to sell their only house to save their daughter. They are left homeless now. With nowhere to go and seek shelter, the hospital has become their new home. They have also borrowed a huge sum of money from people whom they know. But they are totally lost and don't know what to do.

Lucky before the diagnosis

Arish is the sole breadwinner of the family. He daily travels from Tenali to Guntur to teach in a private college for a meager income. The couple always dreamt of providing their children with a proper education and saved every penny they could. Now they have used up all their saving and cannot afford the treatment that can save their little baby's life. They have spent 7 lakhs till now and have exhausted everything they had. The family needs 15 lakhs to save Lucky.

How You Can Help

At the age of happily playing in the house, this 1-year-old is fighting every minute for her life. She is suffering from continuous seizures from the past 21 days. This has left her in the coma. Without continuing the critical treatment she will never be able to see the world that she deserves to. Her parents have sold the only house in the attempt to save her but it was not enough.

Your kind contribution can save little Lucky's life

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