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Baby Born After 15 Years Of Marriage Is Struggling To Stay Alive, Our Support Can Save Him

My name is Kishor Satam, I am 55 years old.  My wife Kavita (age 45) and I are blessed with a baby boy after 15 years, on 15th July 2017. But he is now fighting for his life.

I am not a man of fancy words. I don't know what right words can I say that will make you believe how elated we were the day we found out my wife was pregnant. 15 years into the marriage, and we have been all by ourselves. The idea that someone new would be coming into our now withered life was everything. That day, it felt like it was raining in the desert. We came home and immediately started thinking of the times when we would get to hold this baby. We started imagining how it would feel when we get to see the baby taking their first step, or first smile or even first yawn. And after we tired ourselves of all the scenario, we held each other and cried. We were so overwhelmed.

Happiness comes with an expiry date- we are scared that we will lose him

All that giddiness at the prospect of having a baby went away when we entered the third trimester. Medical checkups concluded that the baby was unable to get enough blood inside the womb and hence needed to be delivered. We were 7 months along into pregnancy. My wife underwent surgery on 15th July and our premature baby was born that day. Immediately after birth, he had to be shifted in NICU as he had extremely low birth weight with respiratory distress syndrome. For few days, he was on ventilator support and now on HHHFNC machine support in NICU. Four days after he was born, our baby underwent surgery for spontaneous ileal perforation.

I don't know how I will save my baby with no money

The ordeal has affected us emotionally. From being a happy parent, we are back to the old couple who wants to have a baby. Our tiny one is suffering, and there's isn't a thing we can do to save him. Financially, we are as good as broke at present. I work as a freelance typist and my income depends on the amount of work I manage to find each month. So far, I have never had a month where I could earn more than Rs.10,000. Kavita is a housewife. You only tell me, with this income, how can I possibly arrange Rs. 9 Lakhs required for my baby's recovery?

How you can help

Rs. 9 Lakhs is an amount which is much beyond my meagre financial ability, So, it is my humble request to kindly help me to raise the required amount. Hopefully, all your funds and prayers will help to save my baby’s life.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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