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This Jain Temple Guard Is Struggling To Save His Baby Boy From 4 Fatal Heart Defects

Murugan and Sathya waited for 13 long years to have a child.  Finally they adopted a baby girl Nithyasree, two years ago. They were living a happy life and their joys multiplied when Sathya got pregnant with Karthik. They believed that it is the luck that their little girl Nithyasree has brought. Unfortunately, fate did not let them celebrate. Their hopes of giving a healthy life to their child was shattered. Baby Karthik is battling a deadly heart disease and Murugan who works as a security guard in Jain temple cannot afford his baby's life-saving surgery.

"In just 10 days of his birth, we came to know that his life is in danger"

Sathya and Murugan couldn't have been happier when they brought Karthik home. They felt grateful for everything they had and were determined to provide a happy and healthy life to their two children.  But just within 10 days of his birth, baby Karthik caught a severe cold and his breathing sounded painful. The parents thought that it would go away on its own but when it persisted, they took him to the hospital.

     The scan reports revealed that the baby has four heart defects, with a large hole, narrow valve, thicker right ventricle and an aorta (major blood vessel) connected to the wrong chamber. Karthik's heart has to work harder to pump blood, but even if it does, his body is not getting enough oxygen.

"I couldn't believe that my little baby's heart has so many defects, but with every passing day his symptoms became more visible. He always cries and turns blue within a few minutes. He hasn't slept well in days. He can't even feed properly, he struggles to breathe just after a few seconds and chokes on the milk." - Sathya, mother

'My ailing parents and my sick baby need me, but I'm helpless' 

Murugan works as a security guard for Sri Vasupujya Jain Mandir, Chennai. He earns Rs 10,000 per month and sends Rs 4000 to his elderly parents who are living in a village near Vellore. With the remaining money, he manages to take care of his family and pay for his son's medicines. The surgery costs Rs 4 lakhs and there's no way he can afford it in a short span of time. 

"I can't stop sending money to my parents, I'm all they've got but my baby needs me too. With every passing day, my baby's heart is getting weaker. I can't save him without your help." - Murugan

Murugan and his wife waited for 13 long years to have a child. With the arrival of baby Karthik, they thought their life is complete. He has just turned 3-months-old and is already battling for his life. His parents are desperately waiting for help. You can save their baby's life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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