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This Little Girl Needs 3 Crucial Brain Surgeries Urgently To Survive Her Birth Defect

3-year old Anjana is suffering from a birth defect, wherein the membranes of the brain are pushing out from her skull.

"If I had known this was a birth defect, maybe we could have found some cure earlier. I regret finding out about this 4 years later and now it's threatening my daughter's life. All those years I had wondered why my daughter couldn't walk or talk like other children. I was hoping she would learn to do that soon but now if we don't get her brain surgeries done immediately, my child can be paralysed for life."- Suresh, father

She needs 3 crucial brain surgeries to survive

Anjana was born with Encephalocele, a condition where a hole in the skull allows the brain and membranes to protrude from the head in the form of a sac. She needs 3 surgeries for the complications arising due to this condition. Her first surgery would be to insert a shunt into her brain to drain out the excess fluid accumulating in her brain. The second and third would be to close the opening of the skull and push her membranes back into the skull.

Priyanka would be devastated if she lost Anjana

"None of the kids in my locality like to play with her. They come up to her and stare instead, calling her names. It breaks my heart whenever I catch them doing this. What makes it worse is that my angel's heart is so pure she doesn't even realize they are making fun of her, she laughs thinking they are all happy to see her. It terrifies me to think that anything could happen to her..." - Priyanka, mother

Anjana may suffer from paralysis if her surgeries are delayed. Apart from her speech defect, she is unable to sit or walk on her own. If the fluids keep on accumulating in her brain, she can suffer from a haemorrhage or injury too.

"She needs 3 surgeries of the brain and even though I am not literate enough to understand her condition exactly, I know that if we don't get them done at the earliest, my baby will not survive. She hasn't even called me Ma yet. I want to hear her call me ma some day!" - Priyanka

Her father's only wish is to keep his daughter's smile forever

After a long day of toiling in the field, Suresh earns about Rs.150 a day to support his family of 6. He knows his labour will never be enough to arrange 24 lakhs for Anjana's surgery but the thought of losing her has kept him begging from door to door for some help in vain. He can see her smile fading away. 

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Patient baby Anjana Dehariya is 3 years old, living in Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh
Being treated in Suyog Hospital, Nagpur, Maharashtra

Receiving treatment for encephalocele

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